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  1. xpimpitox

    Taking A Break?

    Yea I been through that stage various times. Now that my life is in a somewhat shitstorm I tend to smoke more lol. Good stress reliever paried with a good video game.
  2. Don't you hate it when you have a supar session and feel you have to make up for it by smoking another bowl later?

  3. Hey guys long time no post. the forum looks amazing! I am down to Tangiers F-Line Cocoa, Apricot, and some Fusion Peach so I thought I would order some goodies which is great because the Alien mini is available while I don't need another bowl in the name of science and my hookah obsession I am ordering one! Here is my restocking order 72 Tangiers 250g 3 Pack Price Each: $41.95 Tangiers Flavor: Tropical Punch Tangiers Flavor #2: Mimon Tangiers Flavor #3: Melon Blend $41.95 Remove 121212 The HJ Alien MINI Phunnel Bowl Price Each: $18.99 Alien Colors: Vanilla Ice Cream $18.99 Remove 086 Tangiers Lucid 250g 3 Pack Price Each: $47.95 Tangiers Lucid: Tasty Peach Tangiers Lucid #2: Blue Gumball Tangiers Lucid #3: Melon Blend $47.95 Remove 1200 Exotica Hookah Coal Square Fingers****NEW AND IMPROVED!!!*** Price Each: $7.99 $7.99 Remove Subtotal: $116.88 That will last me quite a while. I have a full box of exotica on hand but with so much new goodies I figured I would be on the safe side and order up another box since Exotica are a rip off locally! Can't wait to break in the alien mini. John is da man with his products I'm sure this bowl will not disappoint. EDIT: whoops noticed I ordered Melon Blend twice good thing I didn't complete my transaction yet! Will be adding Schnozzberry.
  4. xpimpitox

    How Do You Fill The Base?

    Sometimes iced water sometimes just cold tap. Honestly I don't see the difference anymore. I've also done vodka and tequla with water and it def changed the experience...hardcore headache lol.
  5. Tangiers is def worth a vacation if you ever get the chance. First time I went I seen the whole production in action it was pretty cool. Not only that I don't recall what we smoked when I got there but it was freshly made from scratch and was so so good. I also remember Scoop giving Eric some kinda hug for making him a fresh batch of whatever he ordered to take home. I think Eric had fear in his eyes LMAO.
  6. xpimpitox

    What Kind Of Hookah?

    Looks a lot like my friends hookah he bought for 30 bucks at a smoke shop. Thing smokes beastly and its our main smoker at his house unless I bring one of mine. I wish I had friends who would pitch in once in while lol. I am the go to guy for hookah but I don't mind since I do smoke a lot more than any other of my friends do.
  7. xpimpitox

    Gross Hookah Experience

    That is pretty fuckin raunchy dude. I hope you complained to management on your way out. I love hookah bars for basically making me a lifetime fan but also hate them for the inconstency and lack of knowledge or laziness to have a good upkeep on their hookahs. This is the sole reason I prefer to smoke at home or a friends house; I have total control of the hookah.
  8. xpimpitox

    Tangiers Packing

    I poke holes all the way to the bottom to get nice big holes to that of the circumfrence of the toothpick. I tried ohh so many times to use a oyster fork, but I fail miserably every single time. I also let the shisha touch the foil because it smokes best for me and I love that sizzle when I first put coals on the bowl. Its kinda sexy lol.
  9. xpimpitox

    How Many Reward Points Do You Have From

    Since HJ has come to be a friggin awesome vendor, I don't shop HS anymore but I was complusive as well and spent all points I currently had on every order I did. They used to be my go to shop for when I ordered Tangiers triple packs and Exoticas. John ships way faster and he is in OC so its a huge advantage ship time wise for me since I am in the Bay Area.
  10. xpimpitox

    Blog, Plog, Vlog Your Session!

    90% of my solo sessions involve me reading Harry Potter as well! I find that intriguing so many of you guys do the same lol. As for tonight I am smoking Lucid Horchata as we speak on my new HP laptop I bought "for school." I put quotations on school because I do online classes at home so I really didn't have a major need of a new laptop since my desktop PC is pretty new. Heh its more of a chill on the forum or watch Blu-Rays while smoking in the garage computer lol.
  11. Depends on how long you wanna smoke one flavor as well. My friends and I tend to switch up on flavors for more variety during our sessions even if the bowl clearly still has full on flavor. For this reason alone I use a small phunnel. I have smoked 3+ hour sessions on a small solo with full flavor easily so I'd say a small with suffice depends on how many people you have smoking. For me its from 2-5.
  12. xpimpitox

    Turkish Nargile

    my friend would kill me if i got one of these seeing as how he armenian. but they are very sexy hookahs.
  13. xpimpitox

    Tangiers Sour As A Mixer

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Oct 12 2009, 08:53 PM) I love mixing Sour with M. Cherry.... and just about everything. +over 9000! I tried this at Eric's lounge a while back amazing!
  14. xpimpitox

    Eric Was Robbed!

    Man this really pisses me the fuck off. Eric is such an awesome dude and its unfortunate this happened to him. I'm glad he and his patrons were not hurt or worse. I hope they catch this fucker and not brush it off because it was a few bucks stolen and cell phones. I also am glad nobody played hero because it would have made the situation much worse. Hope he posts on here soon but I'm positive he has more pressing matters at hand. Hope they catch this tard Eric!