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  1. HookahCutie831

    Thank You

    Thanks guys n gals for the suggestions... I got some shopping then some smoking to do! Xoxxo Starbuzz and coconut milk sounds really really good. I love shisha that gives a nice buzz.
  2. HookahCutie831

    No Hookah In Months

    QUOTE (SuburbanSmoker @ Mar 9 2009, 06:00 PM) af mint fumari white peach and watermelon. yay for more people from the bay! Yay bay area!! lol what part are you from??
  3. HookahCutie831

    No Hookah In Months

    QUOTE (ColibriDon @ Mar 9 2009, 05:21 PM) Welcome back! Favorites...Hmmm...Tangiers Lucid Tasty Peach, Golden Layalina Raspberry Creme, Al Fakher Mint, Nakhla Sweet Melon, Nakhla Mizo Peach. These should get you right back in. Hmmm I've never tried Tangiers.. I'll have to give a whirl. lol thank you doll!
  4. HookahCutie831

    No Hookah In Months

    QUOTE (ElijahSing @ Mar 9 2009, 05:17 PM) you look really farmiliar.. where are you from? and my fav right now is AF watermelon. =] Mmmm watermeleon.. I have Fumari watermeleon. That about the same? I'm from CA, bay area.
  5. I havn't smoked Hookah in months!!! It was something my ex and I did together and it was depressing to think about doing it without him.. But my poor hookah is sitting in the corner of my room collecting dust and it's time to use her! I want to hear your favorites since I've been out of the loop for awhile.. Thanks guys!
  6. HookahCutie831

    Tattoo! Tattoo!

    QUOTE (Arpomatic @ Nov 9 2008, 01:36 PM) its funny how the topic of this post was tattoo! tattoo! and barely anybody commented on the tatoo...i like it I know right? lol oh well!!! They were right, i had it coming posting the picture i posted on a forum dominated by men!!!
  7. HookahCutie831

    Tattoo! Tattoo!

    QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Nov 8 2008, 05:29 PM) +1000 stars belong in the sky no? Stars in the sky? omgosh i had no idea... again post wasnt about the stars and without them, im sure people would have found more to say? come on now, grow up.
  8. HookahCutie831

    Tattoo! Tattoo!

    QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Nov 8 2008, 02:37 AM) The stars seem superfluous. Stars are there for obvious reason. post wasn't about the stars...grow up.
  9. HookahCutie831

    Weight Loss

    I'm 5'3 and was 256lbs. I had gastric bypass 2 years ago. I lost 120lbs, best choice of my life. Don't know if you ever considered something that extreme, but thought I would throw it out there....
  10. HookahCutie831

    Drunk Posting

    hahaha i like it! My ex-boyfriend had bought a hookah when drunk.. and posted about it here. lol dont know why i felt the need to share that just came to mind!
  11. HookahCutie831

    Tattoo! Tattoo!

    I got my new tattoo today. #3! I really love it, it has a lot of meaning to me. One.. its in Italian meaning "God is Love" Two.. its location is almost "memorial" to me if that makes any sense. Have a good night!!!!
  12. HookahCutie831

    Got Dumped..

    Breaking up is really hard. My Ex broke up with me almost a month ago and I'm just now starting to feel better. It was very unexpected and at first forced by his parents. Now his parents and I are talking more and getting along more than him and I, go figure right? It's to the point that he wants nothing to do with me, it hurts day in and day out but hey you really do move on eventually. Call the cutie who slipped you her #! Sorry, you gotta go through that. it does suck!
  13. HookahCutie831

    Halloween Costumes

    I ended up in the hospital the DAY BEFORE Halloween. So I missed out, of course I had already bought my costume.. oh well next year right?
  14. HookahCutie831

    Hookups Hookah Lounge

    Dang. wish i was closer i'd definatly would check it out!
  15. HookahCutie831

    Let's Get It Personal

    Name: Kylie Age: 19, August 1st *Leo* RAWR Background: Born and Raised in CA. Proud ITALIAN Girl. In College. Working @ hospital. Likes: Gym, HOOKAH, Sushi, Starbucks, Modeling, Beach, Shopping, Trying new things, Meeting new people. Dislikes: Boys..not a lesbian.. I don't mind MEN, just can't stand boys (there is a difference)