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  1. Lost Power City

    Herro evribodi, check out this game...www.lostpower.com/game Pretty fun game to kill some time with....if anyone ends up signing up, message me - my ID # is 44942.
  2. Diffuser Idea

    It would work - that's all a diffuser really does.
  3. Anyone In Vegas?

    Anyone livin' in Vegas or in the area? We could get a meet up weekly or monthly or something at Cloud 9. I'm aware there is a thread, but that wasn't aimed at locals.
  4. Hello!

    Made a few posts 'round these parts, but never formally introduced myself....I'm travis.
  5. Hookah On The Road!

    Looks like a good idea - but I would be worried about the weight of the QT pulling off the mirror...they're only epoxied on. I just put a windscreen/chimney on mine and closed the cage, put it on the floor of the car...works great.
  6. What Are Some Songs That Pump You Up

    Kevin Rudolf's Let it Rock is pretty upbeat song,