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  1. infiniteslip

    Thought Provoking Books?

    Life: Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom The Long Hard Road Out of Hell - Marilyn Manson Life After Death and Near Death Experiences: Lessons from the Light - Kenneth Ring Religion: The Coming of the Millennium - Darrell Fasching Religion and Physics: God & The New Physics - Paul Davies Physics and the Universe: The Elegant Universe - Brian Greene A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking The Universe in a Nutshell - Stephen Hawking Relativity - Albert Einstein Introduction to Electrodynamics - David Griffiths Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers - David Miller Thermal Physics - Charles Kittel and Herbert Kroemer Any math books Misc. The Dark Tower Series and any related books - Stephen King It, The Stand, The Talisman - Stephen King Where the Red Fern Grows - Wilson Rawls The Poky Little Puppy - Janette Lowrey
  2. Hey all! Check out what I found browsing around the thrift store the other day. I think it's a broiler pan but I got it for my coals. It's pretty awesome. The top tray has holes in it so I can drop the coals on it to ash them then shake it a little and all the ash falls through to the bottom. So there's a clean surface to ash the coals on every time. And since the top tray is raised up about an inch, I can leave coals on it and set it on the table or floor without the bottom getting really hot like the cookie sheet I was using. It was pretty funny when I bought it cuz I was telling my friend how I could use it. I went to the register and the middle age cashier was like "I kinda overheard you talking. What exactly are you planning on using this for?" I was thinking "oh great, I'm gonna say hookah and I wonder what she's gonna think." So I told her I was going to use it as an ash tray for my hookah coals. She said "oh yea, I've traveled to the Middle East and Egypt a couple times. I've smoked hookah there. This will work great for your coals"!!!!! hahahaha, my friend and I were both pretty surprised!
  3. infiniteslip


    The favorites so far are AF Golden Grape, Fusion Mango Raspberry, and Starbuzz Blue Myst. Keep in mind I'm only half way through my AF sampler collection and never tried any other Starbuzz or Tangiers and only one Nahkla. But these three I bought 250s of cuz they're just so good....I have to force myself to keep trying new flavors.
  4. infiniteslip

    Weight Loss

    So I bought a bicycle yesterday! Since I graduated, I haven't been very active (no job yet) and I'm putting on weight again. I lost 25 pounds last December due to pneumonia but it's all back again now (225 lbs). The worst part about it is just the lack of energy, the heartburn, and the snoring. Sometimes, I'll be just falling asleep and snore and wake myself up. I hate it. I've been borrowing a bike last week but now I have my own. So I'm riding it everyday and boy does my ass hurt but other than that, I feel great.... And it'll be good for my knees since they are horrible, dislocated both of em...one when I was 13 and the other last year. So building up the legs muscles will help stabilize those poor fuckers. My goal is to get back down to under 200 lbs. And I am going to watch what I eat again since the last few months have been like vacation/splurge. NO MORE I TELL YOU! Less food, bicycle everyday, and walk the dogs everyday...that is the plan
  5. infiniteslip

    Did Somebody Call For A Doctor?

    QUOTE (chinamon @ Apr 22 2009, 09:40 PM) i think all of us have been dubbed locally by our friends as a hookah master or something along those lines. i get "shisha master" and "shisha guru" from arabs and persians. haha nice...just the other night my friends were jokingly calling me "hookah bitch" since I'm the only one who knows how to do it right and end up doing everything! And yea, I lurked for a long time and learned everything I know from this forum. I don't post much but I enjoy reading everyone's comments and learning something everyday. Welcome and enjoy!
  6. infiniteslip

    Check Out My Mame Arcade Cabinet!

    Wow, that is stunning! I was just playing Mortal Kombat on my MacBook Pro with MacMAME a couple hours ago....but it's just not the same without the joysticks and what not....and of course standing at the arcade cabinet! For those who aren't familiar...MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) is a computer program that allows you to run the original arcade game programs (ROMs) on a computer. There are also emulators for most gaming systems like NES and Genesis and even newer platforms. You can see in the pictures SNES, Nintendo 64, and MAME. With the proper software, one could play a huge selection of various platform games on a single computer system! Clickhea has a super duper awesome does it all arcade machine! Enjoy!
  7. infiniteslip

    Car Audio

    Here's the system I just installed in my brother's car....he has all the money so it's pretty much all the equipment I'd put in my car if I had the money. However, I would have gone with three 10 inch subs and of course this isn't my dream system...that would be much more expensive. -99 VW Jetta -Pioneer Premier DEH-P880PRS headunit, tri-amplified network mode w/ time alignment and active crossovers -Diamond Audio 600s components, 6.5 inch mids w/ silk dome tweeters -Two Infinity Perfect 12 inch subwoofers -Pioneer Premier PRS-D4200F 75X4 powering the Diamond Audio mids and tweets -Pioneer Premier PRS-D1200M 600X1 @ 2 ohms powering the subs -Streetwires power cables, RCA cables, speaker wires, battery terminals, fuse, and distribution block We built angled speaker brackets for the 6.5s in the doors, an amp rack, and a custom box. Here's some pics... Angled speaker brackets Box and amp rack Flip down back seat (the bottom front tiles aren't glued on in this pic, hence the visible white edge) It sounds pretty amazing and it was a lot of fun tearing the car down and installing everything. We finished the front of the box and amp rack w/ marbled vinyl tile and the back of the box w/ carpet. The box isn't too deep so there is still a half trunk. Looking inside the car, the only evidence of a system is the head unit until you flip down the back seat. Of course everything is bolted down w/ straps and special head screws....no shortcuts taken anywhere.
  8. infiniteslip

    Car Audio

    My current car stereo is a conglomerate of all the equipment that's lasted since high school...never quite finished it since the car has some engine problems and I'm broke... -99 Pontiac Grand Am -Pioneer P1R headunit, tri-amplified network mode w/ time alignment and built in active crossovers -Creative Labs Zen Vision MP3 player connected to P1R -Diamond Audio 600s 6.5 inch components w/ silk dome tweeters -Two Infinity Beta 15 inch dual voice coil subs -Junk Rockford Fosgate 50X2 amp for the tweets -Junk Earthquake 85X2 amp for the mids -Xtant 301a 300 watt monoblock amp for the subs The Beta 15s and Xtant combo gives such tight bass....clean, controlled power and efficient lightweight subs. The subs and sub amp have been in my three different cars over tens years! I can push it as hard as I want, the amp has never shut down in the ten years I've owned it. Overall, I love how it sounds, the bass is the strong point and the front amps are the weak points.
  9. infiniteslip

    Mya Group Buy Role Call

    6 hookahs Jimmy Gamez
  10. infiniteslip

    Sports - What Is And What Isn't?

    wether or not racing is categorized as a sport or a game, you gotta have respect for a driver who undergoes unbelievable physical and mental stress for four hours surrounded by 40+ other drivers inches from his bumper going 180+ miles per hour. They basically put their lives in the hands of the other drivers and themselves are responsible for everyone else on the track. Lose your focus for one split second or lose your patience just once...and you could kill the guy next to you. And for four hours, you're wondering if the guy next to you is gonna take you out. And it might not even be a driver error, the car could decide to fall apart at any second. In racing, the consequence for human error or equipment failure is not just losing the race....it's the possibility of severe injury or death. lol, and I can't believe nobody has said this yet...."The difference between racing and other sports......racing requires two balls" haha just a little joke....
  11. infiniteslip

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    Payment sent for 6. Thanks from my friends and me!
  12. QUOTE (Hobbs @ Feb 27 2009, 05:22 PM) Could one of you do me a huge favor and fill your mini with water and tell me exactly what volume it holds (in milliliters preferably)? I'm doing a favor for jon bon and I need a comparative size. Hobbs, how's this? About 28-29mL. Also, has anyone noticed that the mini holds the same amount as the small chinese from HookahCompany? Although, I wouldn't recommend the chinese at all. Heat management was such a bitch I gave up on it after about 5 crappy bowls. I put two HC coconut coals on the mini and have great sessions with easy heat management every time. Mini FTW! Mini on the left Mini Small Chinese
  13. infiniteslip

    Math Question

    It's not 1 to 1 because of x^2. The inverse is supposed to take you backward, but with a square you don't know if you should go back to positive 1 or negative 1. There's two possibilities so you have to restrict the domain. It's one of those stupid little details that nobody remembers...
  14. infiniteslip

    Math Question

    It's funny tho cuz you can plot that f-1(x) and it exists from -sqrt(3) to sqrt(3) (endpoints not included). The x^2 term takes negative x>sqrt(3) back to positive and the log argument is still positive which is okay. But I think there's a catch in the x^2 term. Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse_function towards the very end titles "Partial Inverses". They may be restricting the domain to x>=0.
  15. Pics of first mini phunnel session with my bro and best friends! We smoked a bowl of AF Cola and a bowl of SB Blue Mist. Both were incredible. Two HC coconut coals to start on the edges...when they burned down, pushed em together and added a fresh coal. Heat management was sooooooo easy. We smoked each bowl for over an hour and a half and there was still juicy shisha left but we had to switch flavors, then it got to be 2am and we had to quit..... I LOVE THIS BOWL!!!! Me My bro Casey Jen Shawn the dragon Hookah Kitty And they all said thanks IV!!