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  1. Hookah S Moka

    Flavor Of The Year - 2009

    for me, sb code 69
  2. This new version of 2 apple ever since ive seen it and bought and tryed it, it seems to be a really sweet shisha.
  3. Hookah S Moka

    Michigan Smoking Ban

    Ya up the canada way the ban has been around for a year or 2 now, its basically saying any business is illegal to smoke inside and if caught wouild face up to a $5000 fine
  4. Hookah S Moka

    New Layout

    Ya imo, its different, not really sure if it is good kinda different but its something....
  5. Hookah S Moka

    Shisha Flavor I'd Like To See

    if there was so a reeses flavour id steal the recipe
  6. Hookah S Moka

    Going To Canada

    Ive had multiple experiences with shisha and the border, and i have been searched with it sitting in my back seat, plain view, they asked what it was and i told em it was my hookah and i have gotten pulled off to the side twice over like 20 times over the border. Its been no prob but i never mentioned anything about declaring it being tobacco even though it was all sitting in plain view when they searched.
  7. Hookah S Moka

    Canadian Smokers

    nice, london, was just there yesterday..
  8. uh huh....... ummmm not sure what to think......... *runs and takes cold shower to clear bad visual image*
  9. Hookah S Moka

    Acclimating In Winter Time?!

    yup, id also agree, its not an acclimation issue, its in how the bowl is packed.....
  10. WHAT!?!!? you work at the gouverment in toronto???
  11. Hookah S Moka

    Khalil Mamoon's In Canada

    Approx what kind of price are you looking at?
  12. Hookah S Moka

    Lets Count To A Million

    2471.... Done!
  13. Hookah S Moka

    Guest Mod. Suggestions.

    Ya to me it all sounds good, as long as they have enough time on here is the main part of it all
  14. Hookah S Moka

    Broke My Phunnel

    Ya ive almost lost my mini phunnel, it fell on concrete steps, i picked up the pieces then kept em, my buddy and i used the epoxy stuff to glue it back together, now its good as new! other then all the cracks in it.