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  1. Hah sorry, I forgot to mention that I didn't have Drabin's real name, so I improvised. Glad it didn't cause much confusion at your pick up location. I pimped that box out with good stuff. It was only mediocre when I got it. Although, Voski did hook me up on a few specifics I requested. Enjoy!
  2. Hey guys. Sorry I was unable to coordinate shipping yet. I just got home from Orlando for a week. The box is going out TOMORROW for certain, as I have the day out of office. I'm tossing in 10 samples instead of 5 to try to make up for all of this. I'm really sorry. Here is what I've tossed into the box: Tangiers Kashmir Cherry Tangiers Lucid Horchata Fusion Raspberry Mango Golden Layalina Candy Apple StarBuzz Pomegranate Nakhla Mizo Grape Fantasia Caramel Frappucino Al Waha Orange Cream Afzal Mintos Afzal ChocoMint Sorry again. I'll PM both SPS & drabin the tracking info tomorrow.
  3. Drabin can you please PM me your address again ? Apparently I took it down wrong - the box was returned to me I'll try to make arrangements with my lady to ship it back out, as I'm now out of town until Sunday. Sorry
  4. Ok box is going back out to you on Monday drabin. Going to try to clean up everything in this box a bit, as it's a bit of a mess.
  5. No one still in this thread nor PM has given me any address where this is supposed to go next. I leave next Tuesday to go out of town for a week.
  6. Yes, my base is extremely similar to the link you posted. I put the water to about 1/2" below that very bottom design part. If you don't have that, don't worry. Just try submerging your stem only about 1/2", at most. Seems to work best, in my opinion anyway.
  7. Whoever is after me, I need your shipping info. I should be getting the package soon from Voski, and I don't want to be holding on to this thing. Thanks
  8. QUOTE (digitalbass @ Jan 3 2009, 12:36 PM) No. I use 2 of the ports for hoses, I seal up 1 port with the screw in seal thing and my last port is for my purge valve. Totally fine. Use your hose port adapter w/o the bearing if you're going to be the only person smoking. That port has a slightly bigger diameter, as mentioned by others. However, it is a very minor difference - practically no difference to be honest. As said, the port w/o the bearing will allow you to blow back into the hookah and out through the purge port, to clear "stale" smoke, if you stop smoking for a few minutes. This can be kind of handy when smoking solo, but if you are managing your heat correctly, you won't need to do that anyway, for the most part. If 2 or more people are smoking, use an auto-seal port for each person smoking. You can have up to 4. The purge port becomes not useable when using the auto-seals, as you can't blow back through those anyway, due to the bearing blocking it. Hope this clears it up for you.
  9. If you're going to try SB, try Blue Mist and White Peach for sure. Myself, like others, started to like SB less and less as I smoked it more, as well as starting to try other brands. The flavor will suddenly dip off quickly anywhere from 30-60 minutes a fair amount of the time.
  10. I've recently had 2 bad tubs of AF, that had chemical-y or plastic-y type of smells. I tried acclimating for a couple days, stirring whenever I thought of it. Didn't help. Had to toss a tub of AF Peach and AF Watermelon. I've had both several times before. These were definitely bad tubs. Production was either spring or summer '08.
  11. I have a Mya Vortex, and it's a fantastic hookah. It'll take a little time to master, but it's not too hard. Great flavor and HUGE "F off!" clouds are easily obtainable once you dial things in. Try the water level about 1/2" below the bottom line where the design starts on the vase. I've found the stem only needs to be submerged about 1/2" in water to smoke well. Any more and I feel I get slightly less smoke. As for your auto-seal hose ports, and purge valve, I'd only have enough hose ports on the hookah that you are planning on using. Be sure to use the small screw port stoppers to plug ports you're not going to be using. I usually have the purge port screwed in, 2 of the screw in port stoppers, and one hose port. Before you smoke your next bowl, assemble everything, and then put your hand on top of your bowl to cover it entirely, and suck through your hose. You should have a vacuum tight lock against your hand more or less. If you hear a fair amount of air leaking from somewhere, identify it and report back here so we can assist further. A lot of people don't like the Mya bowls, so use your other if you're more familiar with it already. You'll likely eventually move on to phunnel bowls like most everyone else on this board. Don't worry about it quite yet, just master the Vortex as you have it now, then you can introduce a phunnel and mastering that later on. Last note, it sounds like you might be burning your shisha, as you're unfamiliar with the Mya bowl. It's always best to start with less heat, and work your way up as needed, by adding another coal (or even 1/2's). Getting good flavor and smoke volume is mainly heat management, which takes some time to learn on every bowl / hookah. Good luck... don't get discouraged too fast... it really does take some time to learn well.
  12. rigor

    Af Chocolate

    I thought AF Pipe tasted a lot like cocoa. This is definitely more chocolately than Pipe ?
  13. rigor

    Mini Phunnel Talk

    QUOTE (Victim026 @ Dec 22 2008, 11:30 PM) QUOTE ([RHL]peety @ Dec 23 2008, 01:22 AM) well i missed out on this special on hookahdomain.com so damnit i have got to get one.... so count me in!!!! Yeah our Mini's were sold out a few weeks ago... Weeks ? Try over 2 months ago now. They were gone within a couple days at most, back in mid October.
  14. rigor

    Semi-new Hookah Fan

    Get Al Fakher shisha. Not over priced, and good quality. Some Fusion and Layalina is good too. Try the hole pattern in my signature, should work well for you.
  15. rigor

    Hookah In Movies, TV, and Video Games

    QUOTE (Hojo @ Dec 11 2008, 06:32 PM) In the episode of The Office that just aired, Creed was smoking a hookah at the Moroccan-themed Christmas party. I think I got a little TOO excited when it showed up on screen. My wife and I jumped up! LOL