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  1. I have tried several brands, but I like the Tangiers Kashmir and Rasberry! The smoke has lots of flavor and body and lasts for a long time. It is great, Number one in my book if you like taste and body in a smoke.  A little goes a long way!
  2. Hi Guys: Anyone like Al-Waha Memories?  I have four 50gm unopened boxes I would be willing to mail you.  I really wasn't impressed with the taste.  Send me your address and I will mail it to you if you like.  Thanks.
  3. Hey guy:  I have three hookah, very nice ones. After each use I wash with lukewarm mild dish detergent with the brushes, this includes bases stems etc. and rinse.  I even rinse my hoses out with lukewarm clear water. You would be surprised at with one smoking session the yuk you get when the water comes out. I run just each end under the water I don't wet the outside except for the mouth piece/wooden part until the water runs out clear and I hand over a door hand to air dry.  I do this every time and haven't had any probelsm (and my hoses are washable)  My hookahs mean too much to me not to at least take care of them. 
  4. I use the fast lighting coals. Usually I use two but I cut back to one at a time and try moving them around in a different spot. I also try placing them more to the edge of the bowl.  I have ordered a deeper bowl also.  I considered getting a pyrex/glass bowl, I thought maybe it would conduct the heat more evenly.  Do you think that would help? Thanks
  5. I am new to smoking the hookah (probably the only one in Alabama for now ). I would appreciate suggestions from you experienced hookah smokers on how to keep my shisha from scorching/burning? Thanks
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