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    I have tried several brands, but I like the Tangiers Kashmir and Rasberry! The smoke has lots of flavor and body and lasts for a long time. It is great, Number one in my book if you like taste and body in a smoke.  A little goes a long way!
  2. Moassel Salloum

    Hi Guys: Anyone like Al-Waha Memories?  I have four 50gm unopened boxes I would be willing to mail you.  I really wasn't impressed with the taste.  Send me your address and I will mail it to you if you like.  Thanks.
  3. Bad Taste

    Hey guy:  I have three hookah, very nice ones. After each use I wash with lukewarm mild dish detergent with the brushes, this includes bases stems etc. and rinse.  I even rinse my hoses out with lukewarm clear water. You would be surprised at with one smoking session the yuk you get when the water comes out. I run just each end under the water I don't wet the outside except for the mouth piece/wooden part until the water runs out clear and I hand over a door hand to air dry.  I do this every time and haven't had any probelsm (and my hoses are washable)  My hookahs mean too much to me not to at least take care of them. 
  4. Scorching Shisha

    I use the fast lighting coals. Usually I use two but I cut back to one at a time and try moving them around in a different spot. I also try placing them more to the edge of the bowl.  I have ordered a deeper bowl also.  I considered getting a pyrex/glass bowl, I thought maybe it would conduct the heat more evenly.  Do you think that would help? Thanks
  5. I am new to smoking the hookah (probably the only one in Alabama for now ). I would appreciate suggestions from you experienced hookah smokers on how to keep my shisha from scorching/burning? Thanks