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  1. getting a bowl loaded up. hope to make it a good night

  2. spitfire97

    New Tinychat

    Hey could someone hit me up with a link and password????? look forward to smoking with you
  3. Mizo for the win. it is so damn minty its like a delicious punch in the face
  4. I picked mine up yesterday and it smokes amazingly. i put a standard size mya hose adapter on it so i could use my Roka hoses on it. overall the modern design is beautifully simplistic. nothing you don't need. the bowl is a little strange to use. but if you don't like it switch to a standard mya bowl or even better yet a phunnel!!!
  5. spitfire97

    Cats & Kashmir

    My dogs do the same thing. i was smoking K-apple, and they were going crazy over it. i think animals just do it to amuse themselves
  6. spitfire97

    New Hookah!

    i have a double and it smokes like a champ. i highly recommend it
  7. spitfire97

    What'S Your Brand?

    i prefer a KM. i can get them for cheaper than a mya, and you cant beat the clouds
  8. spitfire97

    Flavor Of The Year - 2009

    i am going to have to say tangiers new lime!!!! it is so so so tasty
  9. spitfire97

    Perfect Playlist

    when i just want to sit and smoke i put on an episode of Tiesto's club life from europe. they are an hour a piece so when one is over its time for a new bowl. its perfect. I also DJ and whenever i am mixing i have a hookah right next to me. puts you in a great great mood
  10. spitfire97

    Hookah John Has The Mozza

    I think the pipe is georgous and i will be picking it up as soon as i can. and im sure you can put a normal bowl or phunnel on there as well as an awesome hose like a roka hose
  11. spitfire97

    Golden Baihrani Apple

    AF golden baharani apple is the best apple flavored shisha i have ever had. i love it. the flavor is a very dark apple with some good licorice flavor. i would recommend that everyone try it. i i always keep a 250g on hand its the only shisha i always travel with i give it a 10 out of 10
  12. spitfire97

    Official Km Fan Club

    i love my KM so much. i have a black pear. i cant wait to see a KM vs. MYA topic that should provide some fun madness
  13. spitfire97

    Colorado Smokers Co

    fort collins and greeley
  14. spitfire97

    Khalil Mamoon Pear (Single, Double, Triple)

    i have this exact same hookah in black as well and i love it to pieces. i got mine for a really good price down in denver. i use a nammor hose aswell and it rips me to shreds too. i cant sing enough praises about this hookah. its beautiful and well constructed. and so tall. i have to take mine apart to get it into a carrying bag. i love it. and it has a nice wide ash tray. i have a mya diamond and i love it too but this hookah just smokes better. i give this hookah a 5 out of 5
  15. spitfire97

    Mya Saray Mini

    i bought a mini mya just like yours when i thought i lost my pumpkin in a car accident. i paid 35 dollars for mine at the local cigar store. i also brought it with me when i went to germany for 7 weeks this summer. and let me tell you this bad boy can rip. i mean it isnt a KM or a big MYA but it smokes like a fiend for how small it is. i have the silver top with a green acrylic base. i mean acrylic isnt the greatest stuff in the world but its the durability of it that drew me to it. i have smoked way to many sessions to remember what all ive smoked out of it. but my favorite that i can remember was AF apple in an apple bowl it was amazing. all in all i gave this hookah a 4.5 out of five. the only thing i would like more is a bigger ash tray and a normal mya bowl