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  1. I havent smoked my hookah in probably 8 months and all of a sudden had a hankering. But my shisha is 11 months expired and is opened and has been since probably 2010. Its starbuzz blue mist and has just been sitting in the regular starbuzz can, which is far from air tight, for the last two years or so. Should I give it a shot?
  2. So Ive been out of hookah smoking for about a year (no job=no money=no shisha/charcoals etc. etc), but I just got a job and now want to start smoking again. But, I have a few questions, just so I can get back up to speed. My hookah has been sitting in a closet for the last 12+ months, should I have worry about rust or other nasty stuff in my stem? (I have a Mya Obelisk) It seems my base has gotten some mold and build up in it, so instead of trying to get it all out, I want a new base. Will a Mya Pyramid base fit my stem? I loved Coconaras when I was smoking before, still good or should I change to something else? My hose is old and has a few holes (an old nammor), should I buy an new nammor, or something else? Ive seen a couple new brands of shisha (Social smoke, Hypnosis, and Potion to be exact), any of them worth a try? Thanks everyone for your help!
  3. Starbuzz is finickey. Stir it up before you pack it. Ive found that packing SB (and Fantasia as well for that matter) needs to be packed a LITTLE bit tighter then AF. I cant stress the little bit part enough. Also, if your water is too cold it could suck the flavor out, use room temp water just to experiment. And, if the hose is BRAND new, it could have something to do with it, maybe youre getting a little bit of a plastic flavor. Just wash it out a few times with lemon juice and water.
  4. Count your calories, Id try to stay under 1500 a day, and it should consist of mostly protien. Interval training for 20 minutes a day, 30 seconds at sprint pace (bike, running, rowing), 1 minute at a jogging pace. -Make sure your sprint pace is hard. -Make sure your jog pace is allowing your heart rate to drop 20-30 bpm Think of your heart like an engine. Once your car is doing 70 its still taxing on the engine, but when its going from 30-70 constantly, that will make your engine hate it self. This will allow you to maximize the little time you have. Alot of diet programs recommend a cheat day. Which is good as it gives you something to look forward too. But, cheating doesnt mean shotgunning 12 cokes and then scarfing down a chocolate cake. It means give your self a delicious meal, a big steak or pasta dish, a meal that will make you happy, while not consisting of empty calories. The biggest thing with any thing is that you stick with it. You WILL plateau, You WILL be hungry alot. You WILL be tired and lethargic. As far as Im concerned you dug yourself a hole, and its gonna suck to climb back out.
  5. QUOTE (srawas89 @ Oct 13 2008, 08:33 PM) quick reply to apex's comment, instead of waiting so long for hte ql's to light hold them firmly in the tongs and swing your wrist back and forth to get some air circulation on those coals, either that or blow on the coals but I prefer swinging my wrist since when I blow on them I tend to get sparks on my hand and arm....not fun, and be careful not to squeeze too hard on the tongs while swinging your wrist as it may break the coal and thats not good esp. if you have carpet where you smoke. Im assuming your talking about me. But yes, that does work. Ive cracked coals in half and had coals fly out doing that. It does work fine, but it also can destroy carpets. Waiting a few minutes isnt that big of a deal as far as Im concerend, but its your call. And my hookah being clean really doesnt effect anything headache wise. It can give you a wierd flavor, but I dont see how it could give one a headache. Its basically just dried molasses.
  6. Drink a bottle of water with every set of coals. Make sure your QL are fully red before smoking them, and dont light them on the bowl, light them in the ash tray. Food before is helpful, but not always the cluprit. Its proven that sitting in one place for a long amount of time on its own will cause a headache, if you feel one coming on, set down the hose for 5 minutes and walk around, switch seats, something. If you do get a headache, the only thing Ive found the helps it is Excedrine Migrane. Its the best, Ive tried tylenol, aleve, and other over the counter acetometaphins, its the only one that works, and it works fast. EDIT: Also snacking during your session helps as well. EDIT 2: I also found it quicker and easier to get your QLs fully red by lighting them on the stove, if you access to one. If you dont, light them in the ash tray and wait 3-5 minutes before putting them on.
  7. Dont go with romman, its a very finicky tobacco. AF ftw!
  8. Unlikely. He (as most dont) did not address the heat factor and it not allowing certain byproducts of tobacco to catalyze. Also, the only thing is glycerin and flavoring, and I highly doubt that this is really bad for you.
  9. uhm...please take a picture of how you pack it, because i am completely confused on how any shisha can get into the water
  10. It saves shisha, it just depends on how much time I have to smoke, i think it smokes better without it though
  11. Dub apple and strawberry seem to turn out alright for me. Dub Apple and Sweet melon (I think both were star buzz) = badddddd, but maybe nakala melon worked better...
  12. I thought AF plum was average, I never got great flavor. That was a hell of a collection of posts. Thread Jacking FTW!!! Uhm...Im not enough of a reader to reccomend anything.
  13. PMd the mods probably wouldnt be happy if you put up copyrighted material
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