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  1. a_shimoon

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    Thanks Mush.
  2. a_shimoon

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    What about the fact that a lot of people have been wanting some status updates on the situation... news of what is being done to resolve the situation, and SPS has yet to even respond. That doesn't sound like "solid" doings for the forum.
  3. I've just started keeping a jar for all the bits and pieces of tobacco on the counter, as well as the unused portion of tobacco from our smoking sessions. I got about 150g worth, and decided to try a bowl of it. I must say, it ranks as top 5 of my favorite flavors. Really good stuff. Anybody else do this?
  4. a_shimoon

    H-s 19% Off Shisha Sale

    Good starter SB flavors: Blue Mist Peaches N Cream X on the Beach Citrus Mist Passionfruit Mojito Watermelon
  5. a_shimoon

    What Do You Guys Think Of This?

    It is going to smoke horribly. It's like getting a crank telephone to make your calls: sure its classic, buts there's a reason why they've made new ones.
  6. QUOTE (Sonthert @ Apr 13 2009, 06:13 AM) [Incorrect Buzzer] You're assuming that everybody on the Forum is representative of everybody who smokes hookah. I would guess that the average educational level of people on the internet is higher than those that aren't. Since the Forum is on the internet. If I could only afford the internet or hookah, but not both, I would get internet.... sorry guys but I rather be connected to the world than smoke...even though I love my hookah.
  7. Sorry guys none of the tobacco is available.
  8. Me and my roomies watched LOTR: FOTR a few days ago. We packed up two pipes, and smoked with Gandalf and Bilbo. It was great.
  9. a_shimoon

    Making My Own Shisha... Need Help

    I've been experimenting with this myself lately... here's where I've gotten: I use pipe tobacco. I wash it in hot water until the water is no longer brown. Then, I dry it on the stove top with the element about 1/4 of the way up. Let it dry on the stove top until its nearly dry. Just before it gets totally dry. Then I let it cool off for a few minutes. Then I add 1 or 2 tsp of glycerine (for about 50g of tobacco) and about the same amount of honey. I mix it up, then heat it up on the stove top again briefly. Then let it cool down. Then you add about 2 or 3 cap fulls (about 3/4 tsp) of candy oil. I've had success with Pear flavour, not so much with Horchata and Cookie Dough... so it will take some experimenting.
  10. a_shimoon

    Homemade Shisha

    QUOTE (dilatedmind @ Apr 8 2009, 09:56 PM) I tried creating shisha tonight following the apple recipe, i used bugle turkish rolling tobacco, which had a nice mild flavor to it, and smoked ok when rolled by itself. the apple was chopped, put into a food processor, and then dried on the stovetop. This was then mixed with the tobacco, which had a somewhat damp consistency, at least it all stuck together when pressed. To this I added a small amount of glycerine and mild molasses. The mix looked legit, but when we smoked it, there was no smoke. Tried removing the apple, so it was just tobacco with a little molasses and glycerine, this produced no smoke at all Then went back to the original recipe, with the apples, and tried using even less molasses and glycerine, this time we got no smoke at all. How is it that we can't get any smoke? What are we doing wrong. The tobacco is too wet. Your apple mixture is making the tobacco damp and it cannot smoke well if it is wet.
  11. a_shimoon

    Trailer Park Boys

    One of my favorite TV shows. Ever.
  12. a_shimoon

    Smokefest 09

    Nice man, looks like good times.
  13. a_shimoon

    Calgary, Ab - Wts Al Sultan 50g Boxes

    I've since washed these down and used in my home made shisha recipe. Sorry.
  14. a_shimoon

    Hookah Hookah

    HH is not good. It's expensive stuff too for what you get... bowls last me tops 20 minutes.
  15. a_shimoon

    *official* Mya Acrylic Order Thread

    Thanks liquidglass. That's exactly what I needed. Somebody that knows whats going on to reassure me as a newer member about the situation. Genuinely, thank you.