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  1. [quote name='mikeypas' date='30 December 2009 - 03:18 AM' timestamp='1262161137' post='442462'] i'm in montreal. I pick up my stuff locally when available I usually pick up my AF for $20 to $25 for 250g Nakhla for $15 to $20 for 250g (price depends on how much I buy, usually the lower one if I'm buying like 4 x 250g or more) That's not horrible compared to online vendor (i only use hookahjohn now since mnhookah seems to be finished). Shipping is usually $30-35 for about 2kg, and there is always the risk of duties/customs In fact I'm waiting on a hj order now.. was mailed on the 21st, hasn't even reached customs yet.. sigh anyway, i think your $40 is expensive, even for mtl.. [/quote] Hey can you let me know were I could purchase it AL fakher for 20-25 ? Also what flavors do they have? I'm not the one selling for 35-40, this guy I know is. Can u send me the adresse, thanks!
  2. Yeah I'd be glad to ship within Canada. I doubt there will be duties charged within Canada.
  3. That's the best I found in Montreal. There's no one selling!
  4. I've been looking desprately for some Fakher in the past couple of months, I finally found someone who's selling, but only white grape. I'm buying 40 for 250g, and 70 for 500g, if anyone is interested, ill send you the guys number so you can contact him!!
  5. brownwarriors

    Buy Al Fakher In Montreal

    QUOTE (chinamon @ Nov 23 2009, 11:09 PM) QUOTE (alsamos11 @ Nov 23 2009, 03:30 AM) Unfortunately Wes, mail ordering tobacco from retailers outside Canada is very risky. At best, Customs will send you a $90 bill for a 1 lb. shipment. At worst, if it's not declared as tobacco on the shipping label, it will be seized by Customs and the recipient risks being charged for unlawful importation. thats not 100% accurate. i have ordered plenty of times. none of the packages have been declared as tobacco. ive even had packages opened by customs but they never charged me any duties. my largest import was 6KG and the entire box smelled of sweet shisha tobacco from 1 meter away. the box was never opened either. it all comes down to how lucky you are that day. Were do you order from chinamon?
  6. brownwarriors

    Buy Al Fakher In Montreal

    QUOTE (mikeypas @ Nov 23 2009, 07:28 PM) There is a shop on park who sells me AF for $25, and Nakhla for $20 (for 250g). Not bad actually, but he doesn't like strangers! near the mcgill gheto Does this guy still sell? What flavors does he have? You think he's willing to negotiate a deal for a lot of tobacco! I need my Fakher !
  7. brownwarriors

    Al Fakher Online

    I ordered a bunch from them, but got caught at customs, I'm not sure if there willing to take it back. I have until Dec 2nd to go pick it up at the Border. I ordered it on Oct 12-14. It hasn't been opened it's still in the box it was sent in.
  8. brownwarriors

    Lf: Al Fakher Tobacco

    Here's my problem I ordered it, and sent to my P.O Box in the States. I asked my friend to go pick it up, and so he got caught, and essentially he left it there and it had to picked up by december 2nd. I'm going back in a few weeks to go pick it up, should i, send it back to myself, labeling it as fruit mollasses, or should i send it back to the company (alfakheronline.com), or should i just bring it back in the car?
  9. brownwarriors

    Al Fakher Double Apple Trade Or Sale (montreal)

    Im in Montreal I'll buy it. txt me 514-898-6930
  10. brownwarriors

    Canadian Smokers

    Montreal, QC. Brossard
  11. brownwarriors

    Looking For Al Fakher In Canada

    I'm looking for Fakher about 3-5 kgs , in Montreal. Can anyone get me some? I'm dying without it !
  12. brownwarriors

    Looking For Al Fakher In Canada

    Looking for MINT AL Fakher... actually anything AL FAKHER. how much for a bulk to Montreal? Give me an estimate.. maybe around 10X250 boxes. I would be down for a good price (including shipping)