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    Razan Coal Review

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    New Jersey Smokers Nj

    Central JErsey here down the street from Monmouth University. If anyone looking for a smoke shop theres a place in long branch on brighton ave thats called pipe down. It doesnt have huge variety of things but has some. If anyone wants to smoke hit me up djkrumble@aol.com
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    Fantasia Cotton Candy

    QUOTE (rtz @ Aug 10 2008, 05:56 PM) Looking to Trade Fantasia Cotton Candy I've smoked a small Mya bowl out of the 200g jar, other than that it's practically brand new. Right now i'm looking at trying new flavors and brands, so offer anything you've got. Also looking for small phunnel bowls as well. Offer up! I have hookah freak wipe out 100g never used i also have 50g new of hookah hookah jamican rum. Msg me if your interested.