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  1. Hey Im new in Toronto and I need a hookup for shisha cause most of the shops charge excessively. Are you willing to sell? If so for how much?

  2. .me

    Home Made Scalli Mod (using A Tea Light Candle)

    so why not just cut little holes with scissors?
  3. .me

    Khalil Mamoun

    where do I leave review ratings and all that cool stuff? thanks for the xookah man
  4. lemon and baking soda... with brushes - clean and no smell i always puke when the greenish brown things come out of the stem
  5. trying to figure out how much to order, with shitty CAD USD rate, my order @ HS.com is 250USD for tobacco+coals. 300cad! QUOTE (Sonthert @ Nov 25 2008, 02:30 PM) For the rest of my life... What kind of thread is this?
  6. How long does a 84pc box of Coco Naras last you? If lets say you smoke alone, or there's two of you with a single hose? Cheerz
  7. QUOTE (Codename067 @ Aug 13 2008, 01:22 AM) Its a really good hose. I have one. You just cant wash it. hm -- so the one nakhim or whatever the name is from HS is better?
  8. al fakher is picking up;) slowly but surly
  9. .me

    Khalil Mamoun

    can i take icebucket gold (unless the new shipment doesn't give us any new colors/hookahs) thanks!
  10. .me

    Khalil Mamoun

    what's so good about The Zohria Tri-Metal???
  11. .me

    Khalil Mamoun

    aaaah! me blind:) I hope that other colors are coming.
  12. .me

    Khalil Mamoun

    Put one aside for me once it gets here. What about the pricing? Thanks
  13. it looks like we are gonna have HUGE shortages of Tangiers in upcoming months
  14. .me

    Khalil Mamoun

    Hello! Any KM available? Preferably the one with ICE chamber. Thanks
  15. .me

    Khalil Mamoun

    Hello! Any KM available? Preferably the one with ICE chamber. Thanks