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  1. Just saw how you have your hoses hanging in the background... AWESOME Idea! Stealing it... lol But congrats on a good looking pipe.
  2. cxc5120

    Km Washable Hose

    I have one of these hoses and they def arent washable. I don't recommend getting one, mine only last a few months or so.
  3. cxc5120

    My Hookah

    I see nothing..
  4. Well I really was leaning towards the PomBerry, but hookah-shisha doesnt have it... And I would like to order through them because I am going to be spending over $100... I saw John has Pomberry and Lemon Tea, but no Pumpkin Pie and I wouldnt be getting a free hookah through him : / Im getting flustered hahah
  5. Yeah I've had tangerine dream, pink, and code 69. they were all good but I want somethin new lol. maybe ill check out that pomberry
  6. I am suppose to be getting my left over scholarship money in soon, and so I am going to be setting aside a bit of money for some hookah supplies lol. But, my main point for this thread is to see which 3 starbuzz flavors I should get. Right now I am leaning towards Pumpkin Pie, Lemon Tea, and then Idk. So if anyone wants to let me know what 3 flavors they would get I'd appreciate it : )
  7. cxc5120

    New Green Apple Flavor

    So Im guessing you made it?
  8. cxc5120

    So I Wanted A New Mya

    Yeah I see now.. I thought I was getting something somewhat special lol.. Well its ok I guess, it still smokes fantasticly!
  9. cxc5120

    So I Wanted A New Mya

    It was a new hookah, he pulled it out of the box lol. But, do you know what this stem is even called? Or what website that has it? I couldnt find it.
  10. I started a thread about a week or so ago asking about what Mya I should get. Well I went to my local Mediterranean restaurant that sells good quality Mya's for pretty good prices and since Im a pretty regular customer the owner always likes to treat me well lol. I told him what I was looking for and he told me to wait 10 mins so that he could go back to his house and get a pipe that he thought would be perfect. He came back with this Stem and I was blown away. I havent seen this stem online in quite awhile. Mya has made similar ones recently, but they are nowhere near the quality of this one. The stem weighs like 15 pounds! He said that Mya sent it to him as a Christmas present, but he felt I would put it to better use than he would. It was pretty pricey, but for what he was giving me I felt that I really should do it. This pipe smokes amazingly... Like Idk Im really blown away. I paid $190 and it included: The beautiful stem Paragon Base Mya hose Clas bowl 250g of Blue Myst Pack of 3Kings Qls Tongs and the Mya carrying case. Sorry for the pic quality, the pics were from my phone. And I didnt get a picture of the stem, but it is a decent size wider than most mya stems ive seen. [IMG]http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c18/cXc512/Hookah2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c18/cXc512/Hookah3.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c18/cXc512/Hookah4.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c18/cXc512/Hookah.jpg[/IMG] Not the best pictures of the clouds, but gees were they big.. I was smoking out of a small phunnel with blue myst and 2 3kings qls. I really wanna get a narbish v3, the Km rainbow hose just isnt doing it anymore. I need a washable lol. Thanks for reading!
  11. Well lol, me and my rommate are throwing a nice christmas party later this month and I was wondering if the Christmas Mix shisha from SB is worth getting for the party. I know yall dislike SB and there was only one review on it, but maybe more of yall have smoked this before? If so please give me your imput. Thanks!
  12. I am very skeptical to believe this.. Im not calling you a liar at all though lol. How long have you been a hookah smoker?
  13. QUOTE (cr15p3rz @ Dec 7 2009, 03:32 AM) if you call mya saray directly they can throw one together for ya just grab the number off their site myasaray.com I will for sure look into this, thanks QUOTE (inino @ Dec 7 2009, 11:35 AM) obelisk. dish out the money, its a one time buy. Really dont wanna drop another 100.. Cuz I really wanna get a narbish, shisha, and coals too. QUOTE (Stuie @ Dec 7 2009, 11:58 AM) Obelisk is worth it, but I understand price constraints too. Staff, Gyro, Vortex all great. I know this is crazy but i am on the fence with the Colossus, It seems to be too big by design, stem is to tall for the base. Not sure about the paragon, but I think Mya's truly have a height limit. What do you mean by height limit. Like you think they max out at around 30" for like sturdiness?
  14. I dont really consider getting a Mya a downgrade, its just in like a different category of smoking lol. And yeah the Staff is really sick, but I really like the stem of the Gyro (The little ball type thing) Do yall know any sites that would let me like customize? lol Ill probably check my local place and see what they got.
  15. Yeah I saw that one, it just doesnt appeal to me that much. It just seems kinda basic