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  1. Yeah I actually took the ball bearings out and re-attached the hoses with the same result last night. I took the bowl off and tried the same things, and still got the same problems, leading me to believe it was either the hoses or the stem. I tried freakin everything. I'll try cleaning with brushes today, and I sent an email to the site that sold me it last night so we'll see what they say today. Thanks guys and if anyone else has any ideas keep em comin cause i want to go smoke!
  2. Hey everyone, So I bought a hookah online about two weeks ago, and it had been smoking great up until tonight. It's 19", glass base, two hoses with a ball bearing system in place so that the other hose never has to be plugged up. So tonight I packed it up and started to smoke, and it was extremely hard to pull on. When my sister and I tried to pull from both hoses at the same time, it was impossible, like it was completely clogged or something. I wash everything every time I use it, and take good care of it, and I even took everything apart and cleaned everything again tonight so that I could try to figure out the problem, but nothing worked. I was getting smoke, it just sucked to suck incredibly hard, and two people could not do it at the same time. If anyone has any ideas, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'm going to try to get in contact with the site that sold it to me, but I really don't want to have to ship it back...