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  1. GreatPigHookah

    Idpa Pistol Match.

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Jun 4 2009, 01:35 PM) time to get a rockchucker? or some other reloading system and start making your own. As you can see IDPA is a hoot and give you real life scenerios you may actually find yourself in. Plus its a fine way to get some stress relief. Most matches use under 100 rounds so its almost afordable. Yeah, I have a Dillon 550B, but components are hard to find right now. Primers are almost impossible to find - I've managed to get my hands on a few large and small pistol primers so I can start shooting again, but I really have to keep on the lookout to find them. Lot's of online places won't even take backorders they are so far behind. Powder Valley, one of the major distributers, has over 50 million primers on backorder with the manufacturers. Hopefully, by the end of the year, all the horders will have gotten their fix and they rest of us can actually by components as needed.
  2. GreatPigHookah

    Idpa Pistol Match.

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Jun 4 2009, 06:29 AM) QUOTE (Vladimir @ Jun 3 2009, 06:38 PM) Nice, I shoot regularly but haven't competed. Probably couldn't with my USP I have. I shoot Spingfield Xd's way better, but don't have one... yet . WHy wouldn't you be able to compete? IDPA is the perfect organization for the occasional shooter. They kid that it also stands for I Don't Practice Anymore. There are no prizes for winning besides bragging rights so we don't tend to attract the SERIOUS competition shooters. Just a group of normal men and women who happen to carry guns. You shoudl try it. I've been considering getting involved with IDPA as well. There are a bunch of guys here who do that a lot. Right now I've had to cut back on my shooting due to the inability to get ammo and components because of all the political concerns. Last year at this time, I was shooting 6-700 rounds a month. I haven't shot in over a month. I'm gonna go out this weekend and at least shoot my carry gun a bit to keep sharp.
  3. GreatPigHookah

    Tangiers Value?

    QUOTE (FSUReligionMan @ Apr 3 2009, 12:50 AM) I don't know what you guys are doing to your SB but I can get my small phunnel of SB to go full flavor for AT LEAST 5 hours, maybe more. I use one 3K coal at a time and simply move it around the bowl til it makes a full circle. You guys seem to swear by your cocos or canarys or anything and dog on 3K all the time, yet, it seems that could be the major issue here. I can EASILY get 10-13 bowls out of 1 tin of SB while a 250g of Tangiers lasts about 6.5 and the bowls last no longer than SB. So I will gladly pay for the "overpriced" SB, simply because I see it at the superior brand. Not that Tangiers is bad by any means, but in the sense of this thread's starting post, SB wins by technicality. At any rate, I don't smoke based on cost of product, I smoke based on love for hookah and the flavor/quality of the brand. That is why I buy SB, AF, and Tangiers...sometimes Romman. Starbuzz fades QUICKLY after 40-45 minutes. The flavor is no where near as intense as it is in the first 20-30 minutes. 5 hours of FULL flavor - you must be bending the rules of physics.
  4. GreatPigHookah

    $20 Shisha

    I don't care for the newer $20 tobaccos. I've tried Starbuzz, Fusion, Fantasia, etc. Sure they taste fine...I like some of their flavors, but the flavor lasts about 40-45 minutes, then goes away. I can smoke AF or Nakhla for twice as long from the same size bowl and the flavor holds up. Tangiers...It lasts so long I've never actually finished a bowl, I think. The flavors of these less expensive tobaccos are just as good, quality wise. I've been smoking for over 7 years and have never recieved a bad bag/tub of AF, Nakhla, or Tangiers. For me, there's just no reason to pay that much for 35 minutes of smoking when I can mix up something better for half the price or slightly more and smoke it for twice as long.
  5. GreatPigHookah

    Nakhla Tips?

    QUOTE (JDHarding @ Mar 25 2009, 03:11 PM) Can't say that it's giving me huge clouds, but it seems to enhance the flavor some. Or maybe I just packed the bowl better this time. *shrug* May not have been enough - try about 1/4-1/3 tsp. of glycerine per bowl and mix it thoroughly. I'm not sure how many "drops" that is. I generally only do it with zag (aka the pussy way), but it does enhance the smoke production, especially if your box of nakhla came in a little on the dry side.
  6. GreatPigHookah

    Who Still Smokes Af?

    I'm still smokin' AF like crazy. Mint, Watermelon, Plum, Lemon, Vanilla, Caffe Latte, Esk. Apple, Bahrani Apple, Peach, Sweet Melon, Grenadine, Honey - all in my stash right now. I've gone through multiple tubs of this stuff over the last year or so and I haven't had any bad stuff yet. I guess I'll have to keep on smokin' it. Not to mention, you'd have to go through a lot of just about any other brand to get the same smoking time that you get outta AF (excepting Tangiers, of course). Their flavors last far longer than starbuzz, fusion, fantasia, layalina, etc.
  7. GreatPigHookah

    Al Fakkher Inconsistent?

    QUOTE (chinamon @ Mar 22 2009, 08:31 PM) QUOTE (pullingteeth @ Mar 23 2009, 01:35 AM) i've heard alot about AF being inconsistent but i have never had a problem with it. guess i've just been lucky? who knows. +1 +2. Smoke a lot of AF, never recieved a bad tub of any flavor.
  8. GreatPigHookah

    Mya Acrylic

    Both of mine seal up fine. Never had a problem with that seal. Your gasket MUST be defective, because I just can't see one coming apart like that otherwise. I agree with Zinite - I'd contact H-S.
  9. GreatPigHookah

    Natural Coals: The Showdown

    Price: Probably close here, I think I agree with you though. Advantage - CH Lighting Time: They do light pretty quickly. Advantage - CH Smell: I don't care if they smell a little while lighting, personally - not important to me at all. Neither seem to smell much once they are fully lit. Personally, I think both brands have a slight taste. Most people say they are tasteless, but I can taste them. I've done it many times...I'll be smoking along with exoticas and get lazy, not wanting to cut up some more logs, I'll throw on some coco coals. As soon as they go on, the taste shows up for me. And yes, they are FULLY lit. Ash: I actually like the coarse ash. I don't find myself constantly knocking it off. Advantage - CH Burn Time: Cocos do seems to last longer. Advangage - Coco Heat: I'm just the opposite of you here. I love the way CH coals heat. I have no problems with heat management at all with them. In fact, I have a much harder time managing coconaras. Different strokes. Advantage - CH I like the CH coals better overall.
  10. GreatPigHookah

    Af Watermelon

    I go through a pretty good amount of AF. I've gone through two tubs of watermelon in the past few months and both were perfect, with 2008 production dates. Although I, too, mix it with mint most of the time because it is SO sweet. I still have yet to get a 'bad' tub of AF and I've gone through 2 tubs of watermelon, 2 tubs of plum, 2 tubs of mint, 2 tubs of golden esk. apple, a tub of peach, grenadine, sweet melon, honey, caffe latte, vanilla, golden bahrani apple, and golden rose over the last 6-8 months or so. The only thing odd I've had was one tub of Esk. Apple smoked fine for the first half of the tub then went all wierd - not sure what happened - but it lost it's apple flavor and got a strong/harsh chemical taste to it. Leaving it sitting out seemed to have helped it, but it never fully recovered so I eventually had to dump it.
  11. GreatPigHookah

    What Tangiers Should I Try First?

    Some of the easier ones I've tried : Static Starlight - The best grape-like shisha I've ever had, IMO Horchata - tastey spiced rice/milk flavor Chocolate Mint - strongest flavored shisha I've had - flavor hits you like a sledgehammer Mint - Very, very good mint that's easy to smoke - just the right strength Kashmir Peach - Strong incense flavor with a good hint of peach Kashmir Cherry - Similar to above, a little stronger fruit flavor, cherry tartness Pink Grapefruit - this stuff is awesome, have some cold gin along with it and it flat out ROCKS. For the more adventurous smoker: Marigold - Earthy, smells like crushing marigolds between your fingers - goes great with red wine. One of my personal favorites but probably not for everyone. Indigo Flower - Very similar to marigold, earthy floral but sweeter - also excellent with red wine.
  12. GreatPigHookah


    Golden Layalina Cognac Hookah: Mya QT Bowl: Tangiers Small Phunnel Screen/Foil: Reynolds Standard Hose: Nammor Coals: Exotica Base Liquid: Water Appearance: Medium Cut, Very Very Wet, a few large stems Smell: Like Cognac! Earthy/woody with hint of sweet caramel Taste: Cognac without the alcohol burn, maybe missing some residual tartness that the alcohol would contribute to real cognac. Earthy/dusty/woody finish with a sweet caramel front end. Smoke: Massive Clouds, up there with the best of them. Buzz: None Duration: 1 Hour Purchased From: Hookah-Shisha.com Overall: 7/10 This stuff tastes very similar to real cognac, but missing the contribution alcohol makes to the drink. Some of the obvious flavor of cognac is there - caramel, woody, earthy. This very very wet shisha blew massive clouds the whole time. It's a strange flavor for shisha, no doubt, but I kinda enjoyed it as something a little different from the same old fruit flavors. The hint of caramel did start to die off a bit after about 45 minutes, so it lacks the staying power of Al Fakher, but probably held out as well as any Starbuzz I've had. Not everyone is going to like this flavor, but if you like cognac, you might give it a try for something a little different. I gave it a 7 because it's a unique flavor that makes a valliant effort at tasting like cognac and it produces massive clouds, which are always fun. It lost points because the flavor begins to fade a bit after about 45 minutes, although not completely, and It's over-priced in my opinion.
  13. GreatPigHookah

    Views On Glolden Layalina?

    Well, I tried the Golden Layalina Cognac last night. I'll put up a review of it in a bit. It was very, very wet. Pretty uniform cut, a few stems in my bag, one the size of a small log, not sure how that one got through. It smoked really well...huge freakin' clouds, like AF-type clouds. The cognac was really pretty similar to actual cognac, without the alcohol burn. It had a slight caramel flavor with some dusty/woody flavor...I even sipped a little Hennessy along with it and it didn't clash at all. If you like cognac, then this is a unique taste from shisha. If you don't like cognac, you will most likely think this is nasty. Overall, I agree with Sonthert, pricey for what it is, but it's certainly not horrible tobacco.
  14. GreatPigHookah

    Af Watermelon

    Mix in about 10-15% mint with the watermelon. Kills some of the sweetness and tastes great.
  15. GreatPigHookah

    Views On Glolden Layalina?

    QUOTE (Hippo_Master @ Mar 18 2009, 01:47 PM) QUOTE (shesha1 @ Mar 18 2009, 01:44 PM) This brand of tobacco is a cheap wannabe Fusion. And Fusion is a cheap wannabe Starbuzz.. and so on... and so on.. Damn. That's too bad. At least I'll have lowered expectations now. I don't like fusion at all, and starbuzz is fine if you want to pay twice the price for 30 minutes of flavor.