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  1. plzimaninja

    Herbal Shisha

    soex = ewwwww i tried soex thinking it was "safer" but that baccy is dangerous it almost gave me a splinter....... it lacks flavor it all around isn't worth your money
  2. plzimaninja

    F*! Tangiers!

    QUOTE (zymerholic @ Aug 17 2008, 07:34 AM) have you watched the vid on you tube? You don't want to densly pack it, for one, watch the vid. yes i even watched it while packing my second bowl it's quite depressing maybe tangiers is just too difficult for me I dont understand what im doing wrong
  3. 4th bowl attempt of orange soda epic fail I let it air out for 12 hours smells quite a bit like oranges i packed it quite tight this time big holes and good smoke but flavor is really lacking and has a tint of orange but someting eles to a tad bit of harsh that hurts my throat after about 6 puffs any tips.. ive been searching for the past 2 hours oh HF and tried everything (im useing a small tangiers phunnel and foil)
  4. plzimaninja

    Nice Relaxing Session

    haha i swear im the only metalhead that listens to metal when i smoke but sometimes when i smoke i love listening to stuff like tool or a band from finland called sonata arctica its mellow but its upbeat nothing beats them when i smoke
  5. plzimaninja

    Black Light

    i own a 48 inch black light and have a comfortor(sp....6 in the morning just got off a graveyard shift) no smoke i have ever smoked glowed..... thick clouds no glow
  6. plzimaninja

    Hello From Canada

    All I can comment on is the Phunnel bowl. which is amazing it makes my sessions last alot longer and very flavorful! i use foil with my phunnel bowl and it still smokes great everyone says a glass screen for phunnels makes it better but i have yet to try it
  7. plzimaninja

    I Have Owned Hookah Problem

    just messing around with the translator I think i figured out what he was trying to ask by switching the language back and forth (really bored) I think the OP was trying to ask what flavors have Large.small,medium ammounts of smoke something about grape being good but banana being bad............... I dont know like i said i was bored
  8. 140 lots of shisah, hookah, box of coco box of japs and a new hose
  9. QUOTE (AKammenzind @ Aug 11 2008, 12:56 PM) QUOTE (Anya @ Aug 11 2008, 03:20 PM) Yeah they're both the same thing. Thank you both for your help, I appreciate it. I dunno why I didn't think of that actually haha. I'll definitely give it a shot. There's another way to do it apparently, which is this way. It seems a lot more complicated though than your way. So yeah, I'd rather try yours lol. Srsly? That link is an actual smoke bomb, as in the thing you put on the ground, light, and it creates a huge cloud of smoke... Yknow, the kind you buy at a fireworks shop? lol. Two entirely different things. lmao
  10. QUOTE (TBatcho07 @ Aug 6 2008, 06:28 AM) QUOTE (plzimaninja @ Aug 5 2008, 08:23 PM) yes i got it saturday and its amazing i already upgraded the hose it smokes really the only problem is the red paint is already starting to flake Sorry to hear that man,is that a Razan hose? no KM
  11. a tangiers phunnel bowl i have only ordered from Hookahcompany. and i love there service. but they dont have any phunnel bowls. and i know hookah-shisha will take forever cause they are moving. Are there any other sites you guys would reccomend for ordering this?
  12. [attachment=1943:hookha33.JPG]QUOTE (mushrat @ Aug 5 2008, 05:10 PM) QUOTE (plzimaninja @ Jul 31 2008, 03:47 AM) QUOTE (OC4111 @ Jul 30 2008, 10:21 AM) What SB flavors did you get? X on the beach Apple Cinnamon Spearmint and now im really excited for my hookah to come!!! Get it yet? yes i got it saturday and its amazing i already upgraded the hose it smokes really the only problem is the red paint is already starting to flake
  13. My parents were understanding I actually never smoked and i ended up landing a job at a hookah bar here in phoenix. My parents were cool with me working there (i was still to much of a goodie to smoke) so one day i tried it and loved it I had to tell my folks my mom was perfectly ok with it and in fact the next day she bought me a hookah. And now she calls me all the time to see if i need shisha or coals