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  1. mettalikatt

    Hookah Vendors Payment Method.

    QUOTE (twoapplesplease @ Oct 5 2009, 01:05 PM) Both HS and HJ let me do mail orders and pay with a US money order. I may have to register on HookahJohn's to do that. I'll see if i can do that. Seperating our accounts may also rouse suspicion in him lol.
  2. mettalikatt

    Hookah Vendors Payment Method.

    I thought about that but the thing is my account is dependent upon my father's it's a subaccount to his so he can see it online even. I think one of the sites accepted money orders.. Thanks Zinite.
  3. I've looked around at Texashookah,HookahHookah,Hookah-Shisha, and HookahJohn. Nobody seems to take Money Friend orders. Anyone know of a reliable site that will? The reason being my credit card billing statement still goes to my parents house ><. Also, forgive my nievity could i just load a prepaid Visa and use that? Thanks guys. -Zach
  4. mettalikatt

    Km Blue Camel Vase R.i.p.

    Not sure if the mess/time it would take to glue it back on would be worth it. It would still be prone to breaking again i'd think.
  5. And this worked?! That's pretty neat
  6. I'd like to see how you did that. It's neat that your family was cool with it. Mine wouldn't be lol.
  7. mettalikatt

    Km Blue Camel Vase R.i.p.

    Was at a buddies' house for a few months, I got it back two days ago and filled the vase to smoke and the bottom clipped the sink. I think there was pry a crack in it. Just popped right off.
  8. Sad sad This is the one the local Shop had to replace it. It'll work for a few weeks till i get some money. Sure is ugly though.
  9. QUOTE (noca$h @ Nov 6 2008, 12:42 AM) Somewhere out there an NRA member is flipping his shit. I'm an NRA member...
  10. Zachlusser! wtf is wrong with skoal and redneck?
  11. mettalikatt

    True Km?

    I'm sure codename will run across the thread later and enlighten us all
  12. mettalikatt

    Official Km Fan Club

    KM blue pear. <3
  13. mettalikatt

    True Km?

    lol yeah i made the hose. just curious. i think i need to get some real coals man. My buddy has some Nat coals and they're decent and all but i don't think we burned them enough. I also need to get a phunnel bowl. I want MORE SMOKE
  14. mettalikatt

    True Km?

    Hey guys was wondering on the authenticity of this Hookah, recently read someplace an argument about Khalil Mamoon vs. Khalil Mamon. i recieved this hookah from scoop a while back i believe. lemme know