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  1. I do too much lurking about here. Lol.

    1. Epoch


      Get to posting!
  2. Solid. You should post the original size of the pic.
  3. Yeah I am going to agree. Just get a stand-alone one-coil burner. Those are good for camping too! (and smoking hookah while camping.)
  4. Dave, we need to ressurect our HF post counts!

  5. hanging out. Considering ordering all the new Tang flavors... :/

  6. QUOTE (Scoop @ Dec 29 2008, 09:09 AM) since trying a phunnel i never use regular bowls. Same here. Phunnels are amazing. I have a medium blue and I love it. Definately worth it for ANY hookah. Whether outta my GF's Mya QT or my cheap syrian hookah /w vodka bottle base, it works WONDERS. Only need three Cocos or three larger cuts off an Exotica finger and it's good to go for an hour/hour and a half. My roomies all love it too!
  7. I have a power symbol on my back, lols. I plan on getting a sleve based on my Chinese zodiac and also a lip ring. Tis all in the works though. I procrastinate more on those things that school. Smoking hookah would get put on hold for 3 months too if I got the lip ring. Note: the "power symbol" is that O/I symbol (where the I is in the top of the O) that is on the power button of an Xbox 360 or a computer power button. I am a CS major and I love electronics, what can I say?
  8. For a CRT it sounds like you got a decent deal for sure. I would've spent the same amount of money on an LCD though. Or even a DLP TV. You can get refresh rates that are the same, if not higher, for the same price on an HDTV. And refresh rates are all CRT had on Plasma and LCD before they got better. Color on LCD is better.
  9. QUOTE (wilarseny @ Dec 16 2008, 09:15 PM) QUOTE (joytron @ Dec 16 2008, 10:13 PM) sut started A Scanner Darkly, it is turning out to be one of the best books I have read. Yesss I have one of the early editions of this, it's awesome. I've got his collection that had Minority Report in it. I love Phillip K. Dick! I did, however, just finish Watchmen and it figgin' kicks ASS.
  10. QUOTE (Ridiculidity @ Dec 15 2008, 05:44 PM) haha i still have windows xp, my machine is pretty ancient, and i can't afford a new one so i'm stuck with it Dude, you can run Ubuntu on that I bet. I love it. Ubuntu has a ton of support too so it's easy to get started on it! Ubuntu 64-bit definately runs a shitload faster and more efficient on my XPS laptop than Vista 32-bit too. I just wish I could play games in it.
  11. QUOTE (SixPack)i chime in 'he kissed my penis once!' I lolled so hard. You remind me of the guy who runs Dhuwan (hookah bar) in Naperville, IL. He always tells great stories. Especially when tipsy.
  12. Interesting idea. Good thing I have 3 roommates and a gf I can coax into smoking. We usually get thru most of it. My roomies have reported that they have lit coals the next morning and gotten a fairly decent smoke sesh with the remaining tobacco too.
  13. The hose idea would make the drag pretty hard if it was submerged so far. Plus you'd only need like.. an inch of hose. You could refine it to just an inch of hose fit snugly on the tip of the stem /w a ton of holes though. That sounds great! The cloth idea is pretty much covered by Tibs Rule.
  14. I might have to try one of these. I can definitely see how it would be useful.
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