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  1. schouvler

    Leaning Hookah

    Hey i bought a syrian chiller and love it but i have a problem, it leans to one side. Its the rubber grommet attached to the stem, i have to re-adjust it like every other time i hookah. Its a real pain, i heard electric tape helps but i was wondering if there is a tip to keep it straight or to how to re-wrap with the tape, i tried it and it yielded the same results.
  2. Nakhla: lemon and grape Tonic: White wine and grape, raspberry Fusion: Guava Al Waha: Blueberry, california dream Pharoh: rapsberry not such a good brand but its really cheap Mixes: Lemon/white wine and grape, grape/guava, lemon/ tonic: raspberry
  3. schouvler

    Hi Guys!

    yah welcome feel free to ask any question we were all new at one point. For me i like nakhla i know its not the best smoke in the world but i like the flavor of their lemon, then i mix either al waha blueberry which gives u a good buz, or for thick smoke i mix lemon nakhla and white wine and grape tonic. Tonic is really juicy and gives a thick smoke. Also starbuzz manderin orange is good alone, havent found anything good to mix. Or my fav new flavor is guava fusion, tastes good and smokes just as good. Well like i said feel free to ask questions and just try a shisha that sounds good cuz i hear people say some flavors are amazing then i try them and dont think the same, basically its your preference try everything to find what u like.
  4. schouvler

    Step By Step Help

    QUOTE (chinamon @ Aug 27 2008, 05:32 PM) are you using quicklight coals? or are you using natural coals? If you got them from hookah shisha they r insty lights but a bad brand idk what they are but i would recommend 3 kings for insty coals saalaam orange for natural. And normally i break the coal in half to avoid burning the middle which is another reason why i hate the gold brand that u might have its super hard to break.
  5. QUOTE (AkiS89 @ Aug 27 2008, 05:29 PM) In norway we get tobacco like nakhla and el fakher double apple 250G for 18$.. cheap. direct imort from iran thats not a good deal at all i buy my nakhla for 13$ for 500grams the AF is a decent price tho
  6. schouvler

    I'll Sponsor A Midwest Meetup

    minnesota like 15 miles north of minneapolis, or fargo ND if im at school same for my roommate he hookahs too
  7. schouvler

    Minnesota Smokers Mn

    bloomingon, mn like 15 miles north of minneapolis france and 90th street
  8. schouvler

    Dry Ice And Water

    QUOTE (grim @ Aug 1 2007, 12:09 PM) has anyone tried it in there base,id think the smoke would be really smooth and cool wrong i have done it with both vodka/dryice and water/dryice. Dont try it, its like inhaling sprite. Its like little bubbles on ur lunges u get a big buzz but it aint worth it, may cuz its too cold idk but its not too much fun, but awsome in a chiller.
  9. 1. white wine and grape tonic with nakhla lemon 2. nakhla lemon and pharoh raspberry
  10. schouvler

    Concept Diffuser

    QUOTE (cypherkk @ May 13 2007, 01:19 PM) QUOTE Hi, These are just my 2 cents, so take them as you wish. It seems like a good idea. I have a few comments though: - The diffusers don't seem too popular amongst most avid hookah smokers because it takes away from the fun of smoking by making it quiet, a lot of long-time smokers like the bubbles. - Aside from the popularity issues your design seems really well made, but since you are new to hookah smoking you may not have considered a few things such as: 1. It will not help the smoke absorb more flavor, as this is done as soon as the smoke leaves the bowl. The amount of flavor depends very highly on your tobacco and charcoal. Mostly what a diffuser does is filter the smoke better, so you get a smoother, whiter smoke. 2. I agree with Sonthert, that the more complicated the design the more pressure loss it will create and you will get a muddy smoke. If you plan on complicating something like a diffuser in order to maintain a good smoke you would have to build in some sort of vortex fins so the smoke spins easier into the diffuser (like what they do on motorcycle air intakes). This already sounds confusing and maybe way to much work for something so simple. In a personal opinion, I'm not a fan of the diffusers because I like the bubbles and the way the current Heba Diffusers are made, at least according to the packaging, they have to be changed every 15-30 smokes so the plastic doesn't loose its nicotine absorbing ability. Too much hassle for me at least. Hope this helps. wink.gif I've been thinking about the vortex, not only would it "maybe" help the smoke but it'd be cool to see, if there was some way to make a base that could vortex or a clear stem that would be awsome looking me thinks. I've been working on the idea for a while but I don't have a way to blow glass so I don't know i understand where ur coming from about the complicating the airflow and filtering out the smoke but i just wanna say how can u complain about something that you have never tried? Wht u said sounds right but how do u know for sure? It's a unique idea and all its trying to do is create a thicker smoke so yah if u like to blow smoke rings they would be easier. It does suck about the nose or lack there of but owell atleast its removeable