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  1. Multiple Reviews

    Blue Mist My Beast:Gypsy 20in Bowl: Vortex Coals: 2 3kings with pigtail foil mod Hose: standard hose Foil: Ren HD Liquid In base #1: Ice and Water <~BETTER THAN NUMBER 2 Liquid in base #2: Sierra Mist Cut: typical cut FEW STEMS Smell: Mint and Blueberrys..more mint Taste: overpowering mint at the beginning but became smooth and very sweet but not much blueberry..just a sweet taste with faint blueberry Smoke Thickness: big thick white clouds Buzz: i dont get one from starbuzz any more Overall: honestly its not what its made out to be.i give it a 6.5...i think they need to tone down the mint and add more blueberry Starberry Margerita My Beast:Gypsy 20in Bowl: Vortex Coals:2 3kings with pigtail foil mod Hose: standard hose Foil: Ren HD Liquid In base #1: Ice and Water <~Good Liquid in base #2: Mountain Dew <~ COMPLETLY AMAZING Cut: typical cut FEW STEMS Smell: really really strong.smells like the name Taste: amazing taste...overall my favorite starbuzz to this date Smoke Thickness: big thick white clouds..crazy thick Buzz:again... i dont get one from starbuzz any more Overall: 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! for amazing flavor ..Really my favorite flavor.. keeping this flavor around always Strawberry Chocolate My Beast:Gypsy 20in Bowl: Vortex Coals:2 3kings with pigtail foil mod Hose: standard hose Foil: Ren HD Liquid In base #1: Ice and Water Liquid in base #2: Strawberry fanta Cut: typical cut FEW STEMS Smell: faint smell of strawberrys will a small chocolate Taste: faint taste.really disipointed after reading some reviews on it...not happy with it Smoke Thickness: big thick white clouds..the only good thing about it..but its starbuzz Buzz:again... i dont get one from starbuzz any more Overall: 3...i dislike this flavor very much so..barely any flavor..faint smell..not worth the money.the fanta brought out more strawberry but thats about it..none of my friends liked it Sex on the beach My Beast:Gypsy 20in Bowl: Vortex Coals:2 3kings with pigtail foil mod Hose: standard hose Foil: Ren HD Liquid In base #1: Ice and Water Liquid in base #2: water/milk/french vanilla creamer Cut: typical cut FEW STEMS Smell: Crazy fruity smell..quite in love with the smell.cant quite put my finger on what comes to mind on it tho Taste: very smooth and sweet taste...could be stronger tho.i liked it alot with both the water and ice and the milk/creamer/ice/water..i need to find another base additive to kick the flavor..im thinking Bawls energy drink but.. Smoke Thickness: really dank fluffy clouds Buzz:again... no buzz Overall: 9..i think the taste could be stronger.but other than that i really enjoyed the flavor
  2. Florida Smokers Fl

    Jacksonville/Duval/904/Dabangum/Arlington/Southside4life (gay ass arlington is not southside ots central around regency and i fucking hate it)
  3. Science Hookah!

    QUOTE (Ayrity @ Jul 28 2008, 06:02 PM) hey everyone, so I love science and love making nice clean glass based hookahs, but as you all know im sure, glass is a bitch to drill and seal, especially with the hose. I really dont like just drilling into the rubber stopper to put a hose in next to the stem, so I found a way to combine all my wants in a homemade hookah base. its a lab glassware flask with a hose attachment on the side (picture). and it comes with a rubber stopper for the top that i can drill a stem into. what do you guys think? well i guess it really depends on the caust for that flask..but other than that it seems like a pretty dank idea
  4. Public Smoking...

    we do the same thing at our car meets...At sonics no less(fast food place) some people get the led built in ones and sit them in the trunk of there car..or bore out a hole in there sub box and stuff like that...neat little fkers ..
  5. Make A Large Diameter "ash" Catcher

    SHIT...Just tell ur mom/wife w/e u got..that the ashes suffocate the fleas.so if u have animals...it helps.now depending on the color of the carpet..well thats just on u if u want to ash on a lite colored carpet we got a dark green one that has worse than just ash in it so no problems here
  6. i couldnt see my self smokeing out of it...nuff said
  7. Homemade Protable Hookah

    QUOTE (chsajid @ Jun 18 2008, 12:45 PM) Yes, i built another 1 today !, with toothpick bottle for the base, and a pen for hose - pens = stem, and a bowl on top... pic: oh btw the black thing is the tape, give your opinion's i couldnt even see my self smokeing out of that..i would feel like a creative baser(Crackhead) if u really need a ho0okah high like that then i would say "dont leave ur house" but thats just me
  8. Ultra Hookah "ice" Chamber

    ive been looking into haveing a ac repair buddy of mine bending some copper in the shape of my hookah base and have a small ac unit hooked up to it...basicly running the coolent threw the coils...the only problem would be the freezing point..wich i think some dank ammount of insolation to keep it from the freezingpoint.but right there at it for the maximum amout of coolness without freezing the base or the water inside...ive also takein AC classes in a trade school...the energy cause of it is no more than maybe 5$ yearly caust.i kno for a fact that the coils can be bent/twisted in that matter..its all just a matter of geting the materals and geting around 2 it but its an idea for the books
  9. Phaking the Phunnel.

    well i bought a metal vortex bowl...wouldnt that be the same concept?it hasent arived along with my new hookah..but it seems to me that its the same general idea...but for someone haveing that idea was great...and if i had seen this earlyer i probly woulda tried it to.i currently have no smoke nor coals...so i cant try this untill after i get my shipment. im going to test out all 3 bowls (phake Phunnel/Regular bowl/Vortex) and see which one works..altho i can tell that its gana be a throw up between the phake and the vortex..i am one to experiment with diffrent things when it comes to hookah makeing.also with foil creations and im shure i can brainstorm something amazing but i havent had the time to sit down and fux with anything yet.i go for visual/quality so anything i come up with is gana be dank regardless..ill post pics n what not when i get around to creating something..