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  1. coplinb

    Bored And Broke

    Awesome, I cant help but pry into other peoples lives when I have nothing to do. Is that wrong? haha
  2. coplinb

    Bored And Broke

    Hey Charley, what ever happened to your blog? It kinda died. I need to know if your toes ever thawed out. Im runnin out of things to do on the internet so get to typing!
  3. coplinb

    For Any Of You Jazz People

    I was never a a Stockton fan myself. To each his own I guess
  4. coplinb

    Fixed Petite!

    That is pretty awesome looking. The ingenuity of the hookahforums people never ceases to amaze me.
  5. I wondered who sent me that email, seemed a little odd at the time, but this helps make sense of it. sneaky sneaky
  6. coplinb

    Tv Shows You Wish Would Come Back

    You guys have named some good ones. I do with they never canceled King of the Hill too. Also, I wish Fastlane could come back, I loved that show and the way they ended it left me wanting more! Also Stuie, Pretender was the bees knees if I do say so.
  7. What is it with shisha companies using other brands likeness'? Wasn't there a red bull knockoff flavor that used a RED BULL? You can only get away with stuff like that for so long before johnny law comes calling.
  8. coplinb

    Michigan Smoking Ban

    Never thought I would see this happening in Michigan.
  9. coplinb

    New Layout

    I see that you can vote a post up or down now. What does that mean? Is it like a thumbs up or literally moving it up the board? It's so weird and will def take a while to get used to, I feel like I'm cheating on the old HF and am at another site!
  10. coplinb

    Favorite Under-the-radar Movie Of 2009

    I don't know how under the radar it was, but I recently saw The Invention of Lying and thought it was pretty funny. Ricky Gervais is so much more funny than so called comedy actors these days.
  11. coplinb

    Hookah Mishaps---funny Story

    QUOTE (KyleTheJustin @ Nov 23 2009, 04:08 PM) QUOTE (Stuie @ Nov 23 2009, 01:22 PM) Nicotine is a natural diuretic but it doesn't act that fast... silly guy! Send him the bill to get your couch cleaned. I'm split between doing that and somehow preserving his shit storm on display for constant hilarity each and every day. Laminate the cushion he dumped on, that way it will always be there for a giggle.
  12. QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Apr 12 2008, 07:51 PM) not yet, but I think TDP is sending it out this month in the FOTM club...so I'll let ya know then Pardon my stupidity, but what is TDP and how do you get involved?
  13. coplinb

    Delicious Dinner

    Well you were right, that was a bit odd. I didnt know the recession was hitting people that hard!
  14. If only more thieves were that considerate. That's what wrong with kids these days, back in my day when we would pilfer through someones things deciding what to steal, we made sure to lock up on out way out.
  15. Thats a pretty hot deal when you factor in the flat rate shipping and all. That would cost a pretty penny if it was by weight. I wish I had the funds to allow such a purchase, but that leaves more for everyone else to buy.