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  1. Mulli aka L J HooKah

    Australian Smokers

    Another Perth boy here!
  2. Mulli aka L J HooKah

    Business Gone . Tobacco Prices Up 400%

    guys any idea if this will make it harder to order online supplies?i used to do odd purchases of around 1kg from hookahcompany and hookah-shisha but not sure if this will make things harder...??? lucky i still have some tangiers and al fahker left to last me a few weeks until i have to order,damn $70 tubs!!!
  3. Mulli aka L J HooKah

    Shisha In Perth

    Hey guys!im another Shisha addict here in Perth!Northern suburbs Yeah Aida is ok if u feel like a shisha when ur out clubbing,but other than that not sure how clean they are etc Theres a few shops near me mainly lebanese bakerys, one in Malaga,one in morley and 2 in Mirrabooka that i go to,only thing is my mates went recently and they have upped the 250g Al Fahker tubs from $22 to $50-70!!! (as per the other threads) crazy right Mulli