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  1. Rocinante


    Just wondering if anyone on the forum plays. I just got into it a few months ago and just bought an Ektelon AirO Graphite TI, and am gonna start playing tournaments when the summer ones start up.
  2. Rocinante


    Does anyone use Supertorrents? I'm pretty sure i just got banned and i have no idea why. tried the irc channels and got no response to my questions. and btw for anyone wanting to get in on them they have open invites as does Supertorrents Music. the site is awesome and i really liked being on it though i dont know if ill be abe to use it again...
  3. Rocinante

    Smoking At Work

    At a job i used to have the smokers would go in the back where there was just a wooded area and no one could see and smoke so every once in awhile i would bring in my hookah set it up and while we were dead all of the workers would rotate breaks and smoke it. it worked pretty well and was real nice to be able to relax for 15 mins during my shift.
  4. Rocinante

    Wood Chuck Draft Cider

    according to her the amber is the best one. but she hasnt tried the raspberry one yet.
  5. Rocinante

    Wood Chuck Draft Cider

    Wood Chuck is my girlfriends absolute favorite thing to drink. ive tried it a few times but ill stick with my leinie's and spaten.
  6. Rocinante

    Incredible Stop-motion Music Video

    That was one of the coolest video's ive seen in awhile.
  7. Rocinante

    Khalil Mamoon Hookahs For Sale

    I looked through but probably missed it, but is the Zoharia Tri-Metal still up or is it just the Mashals?
  8. QUOTE (FSUReligionMan @ Feb 2 2009, 08:59 PM) http://www.aladdinstallahassee.com/ That's the hookah bar I used to go to every day in Tallahassee. Very comfortable. It had 4 different rooms each decorated differently yet had a common theme which tied them all together. They used Tray Tables in the bigger rooms for Laptops and teas and scuh and it worked out wonderfully. By far the best hookah bar I've been to and I'm currently sitting in #29 (which is horrible, $11 for a small bowl of AF Orange-Melon mix, ghetto as hell, and horrible music, please play some Arabic music!). I've been to Aladdins with my cousins who live there and it was a really nice set up, probably one of the best looking hookah bars ive been to.
  9. Smoke everyday 2-3 bowls a day, ive smoked cigars. cigarettes, and pipes, but havent really enjoyed them all that much. Been smoking for about 2 years, started smoking hookah while waiting to get a tattoo in the St. Louis U-City Loop.
  10. Rocinante

    Steelers Ftw!

    sorry man, i got lucky that no one i work with pays attention to football and only knew that kurt warner was playing for the cardinals so they all betted on the cardinals and i went with the steelers. i got scared there towards the end but a new KM or maybe the MZ Nefertiti may be in the near future.
  11. Rocinante

    Steelers Ftw!

    I don't know how many of you watched the superbowl but that was amazing and i also won $650 off of some co-workers!
  12. Rocinante

    Hookah Challenge

    I just started 1/3 AF Honey, 1/3 Layalina Kiwi Strawberry, and 1/3 Layalina Apple Bahrain. So far its pretty good.
  13. Rocinante

    Official Hookah Picture Thread

    Some of my babies... [attachment=2804:n1308331...096_7864.jpg] [attachment=2805:n1308331...097_8119.jpg]
  14. Rocinante

    How Did You Get Your Username?

    The name of the ship in Cygnus X-1 by Rush on the A Farewell To Kings Album, one of my favorite bands and songs.
  15. Layalina, only place i know of in St. Louis pretty much only has Layalina and some Starbuzz, but i don't personally like starbuzz.