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  1. So I made a pretty larger order at thehookah. Heres the list: 250g AF Mint 2x 50g AF Grape with mint 50g AF Cinnamon 50g AF Watermelon 50g AF Vanilla 100g Tangiers Blackthorn 100g Tangiers Peach Ice Tea 100g Tangiers Maraschino Cherry 100g SB X on Beach 100g SB Lemon Tea 100g SB Apple Cinnamon Im tired of running out of my favorite stuff. I figured this would hold me over. Anyways I heard there is a special process needed for the tangiers. Acclimating it to equalize the humidity between the environment and the tobacco. How do I go about doing this? Basically leave it uncovered for a few hours? This is my first go at Tangiers and want to get it right. I have a large phunnel bowl that I will be using on my Mya QT. Ive watched a few videos on how to pack the phunnel with Tangiers but nothing about how to let it acclimate. Thanks Tweek
  2. I dont want to sell it because I like it when I have more then 1 person smoking out of it. I wouldnt have made this thread if I was just going to sell it
  3. I ordered a large phunnel bowl from H-S and its massive! I really didnt think about it when i ordered it. I remember reading on here about someone who made a insert that filled half of the bowl, but I cant seem to find the thread. Is there any other ways to fill the bowl besides quick clay? I guess I could use foil temporarily. Would there be a problem with only using half the bowl with an insert on the other side? Lastly how long can I leave a unfinished bowl sit out and still be able to use it again? I smoked a bowl of AF mint last night and i couldnt finish it all after to much jack and coke lol
  4. Im waiting on a Mya QT, AF Mint and melon, a nammor hose, a phunnel bowl, and coconaras. Woo I cant wait. 1 more day.
  5. tweek

    Show Off Your Rides

    got it. Cant use flickr as a image host as they dont give you direct links to the pictures.
  6. tweek

    Show Off Your Rides

    so wait, how do you attach pictures? Everytime I add one it says [img] codes are not allowed?
  7. Looked through a few pages and also searched and didnt see anything similar. So Whats your favorite place to smoke? Outdoors? Indoors? So far my favorite place to smoke is either outside by the fire at night with some friends, or in my girls sun room. The night we smoked outside by the fire was awesome. It was cool outside with a nice fire going in the fire pit. Had a few drinks and a few friends around sitting by the fire smoking. It was a beautiful night outside with the stars and a slight breeze. All in all it was just a fun night. Besides that it has to be in my girls sun room. Nice atmosphere, not windy so its fun with mess around with tricks and so forth. I havent gotten to venture outside of those few areas, so lets hear about where your favorite spot to smoke is?
  8. tweek

    Ash Aftertaste?

    QUOTE (newjacksm @ Nov 5 2008, 06:18 PM) you really do need to wait till the coals are completely red. did that. The coals were completely ashed over and red when you blow on it. QL sucks. The naturals are much better and no weird taste. I cant wait till my coconaras come.
  9. tweek

    Ash Aftertaste?

    we tried just 2 pieces and still the same, so we put on a romman lemonwood and no more harshness...must have been the quick lights blahhh
  10. Whats up everyone. Me and my buddy are pretty new to this. We are smoking Fantasia out of a Mya Razo. We are getting a semi harsh aftertaste that taste just like ash or coal. We are using 1 three kings broken into 4ths. We poked a ton of small holes. Ill take some pictures of the holes and shisha afterwards because its to dark out here right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all.
  11. Hookah: Mya Razo Coals:1 40mm Three King Hose: Standard May Bowl:Standard Mya Base:Water and Ice Shisha: Romman Berry Breeze This stuff is nasty. It taste like an ashtray. We are getting nice clouds but it has a horrible aftertaste.
  12. tweek

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    I know me and a few friends would be game. We are somewhat new to hookah but we would love to hang out and smoke with fellow hookahers We are in the Frederick area.
  13. tweek

    Show Off Your Rides

    space saved for my is
  14. psst I say skip class. Break that thing in
  15. tweek

    Win A Free Tub Of Af!

    Something I whipped up before I had to go. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3167/300264...c254509.jpg?v=0 not sure how to attach an image here.