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  1. PatronHookah

    Make/replace Your Wide Hose (w/ Pictures)

    I used a smaller od
  2. PatronHookah

    Bottle Cap Diffuser

  3. PatronHookah

    Looking For A Homemade Base

    Yea i may have an idea.
  4. Rule #IDK Do not talk to the person who it hitting the hookah. Talking with hookah smoke in one's lungs may be unplesent. As well it may speed up one's amount of time holding in the smoke.
  5. PatronHookah

    Hookah Hookups.. An Idea

    Add me on there for Jacksonville beach Florida.
  6. PatronHookah

    Question For You Diy Hookah Smokers

    You can do like i did, a easy good looking way to fix your hose. I do not like to get rust in my lungs, so i did a little mod to my hose as shown in the photo.
  7. PatronHookah

    A Near Disaster

    This does happen when you smoke with a bunch of people, mostly a bunch of people who do not smoke hookah on the daily.
  8. PatronHookah

    Starbuzz Recommendations?

    Blue mist, or/and strawberry margarita. DO NOT, get Coconut, it tast nor smells ANYTHING like coconut. But blue mist rocks.
  9. PatronHookah


    My Patron Hookah.
  10. PatronHookah


    Me and my people smoking
  11. I have been there a few times. I would highly recomend this place, and it is worth the drive no matter your location in Jacksonville.
  12. PatronHookah

    Is Shisha Smoke Really Smoke?

    I think it is vapor, smoke, fog, clouds, and just all around dank-0-ness
  13. Do not put a burning coal in your 8 year old glass ash tray. So i put a coal in my glass ashtray with the tongs on it, as i smoked my hookah, watching tv, when my tongs make contact with my glass table. I look down and my ashtray is broke in two. Not the most interesting thing to talk about, but just keep this in mind next time.