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  1. Kidney Stones Suck

    so yesterday morning i woke up with a huge pain. couldnt piss, when i tried it hurt like hell. finally passed that son of a gun at the hospital. so, to all those who have, going through, and will pass kidney stones. i feel sorry for yall. and for all those women who have given birth, i feel yall's pain.
  2. Arkansas Ar Smokers.

    yeah, im currently living in searcy. my roommate and i are trying to start a hookah lounge here. were really wanting to start it up within the next 6 months. and we would like some suggestions and thought on how to make it.
  3. Packing Your Bowl

    for best results, the shisha should be a half inch away from touching the foil. also, like what OC4111 said, manage the heat well. once the coals need to be ashed, ash them and then rotate the coals.