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  1. Hey, I see you're near Harvard - Do you have any lounges in Boston to recommend?

  2. IamWhee

    First Job

    Oh man...first job was at a little mom and pop pharmacy making I think at the time minimum wage was like 6.25?
  3. IamWhee

    Favorite Website

    Cracked.com Hookahforum.com Gizmodo.com Nerdist.com
  4. IamWhee

    Fluffy Hookah!

    That's pretty bad ass!!!! Hahah
  5. Hey actually log in and read... friggin lurker...

  6. IamWhee

    Tangiers Bowl Collection

    Very nice collection!!
  7. IamWhee

    Og Tri!

    Beautiful hookah. Gotta love trimetals.
  8. Fumari Blackberry x Al Fakhar Plum...-amazing- mix...ORGY IN MY MOUTH!

  9. IamWhee

    Plants In Your House....

    Air purifier. lol. I do adore aloe planets though, they can take so much abuse, and they keep growing...AND helps sunburn.
  10. IamWhee

    Girls With Shaved Heads Sexy?

    Natalie Portman changed my opinion on shaved heads on women. @_@ She is so sexy....
  11. IamWhee


    Is it harsh at all?
  12. IamWhee

    How Often Do You Smoke?

    Pretty much daily, atleast 5 times a week. And thats not including bowls.
  13. IamWhee

    Af Pear And Kiwi

    I think I saw them on a site....I need to go digging for it...I'm pretty sure they are out, but not out in the US yet I guess you could say?
  14. The vase looks like Syrian.
  15. Best way is just to try different brands with people. My friend has a huge assortment of tobacco and I got to try a bunch before making a huge purchase. 50gram packs are nice too if you're not sure.