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  1. egoncalo

    Mini Phunnels (SOLD OUT)

    I'm also totally in for one if someone doesn't pay. Let me know!
  2. egoncalo

    Ladies And Gentlemen

    I'm closely familiar with the rules, but why are you guys calling the CH Coals, "CH Coals." The term that C stands for isn't always a NHT reference. Here's the definition without the word referenced: 1. Of long duration: continuing, lingering, persistent, prolonged, protracted. See continue/stop/pause. 2. Familiar through repetition: accustomed, habitual, routine. See usual/unusual. 3. Subject to a disease or habit for a long time: confirmed, habitual, habituated, inveterate. See continue/stop/pause. No where on there page is there a reference to NHT, nor is there anything on the label linking it to that. Just because that word is in the name doesn't mean it shouldn't be said. It's pertinent to the product/brand and is just a prevalent as if I referenced it with "Back Pain."
  3. Run the water down the stem, and put your thumb on the bottom of the stem. Then cover the other end and tip it back and forth. Also, you can fill a bottle with water, and empty it down the stem... problem solved. (I have a 42 inch triple pear, and I learned that lesson too by flowing water onto my kitchen floor as well.
  4. egoncalo

    Terrible Session

    I find that whenever I start to cough while smoking hookah, or my throat get tickled, I know there is too much heat generating harsh smoke. There are a few things you can do to fix this, in the following order: 1.) Purge (Obvious) 2.) Take a coal off. 3.) Rotate coal/coals to different areas away from the previous spot. Usually that fixes the problem for me, if not, you may be getting too much heat because you packed the shisha too close to the foil and it's actually getting burnt. Hope that helps.
  5. egoncalo

    Too Dirty?

    Hookah-shisha has MYA's though, and that would be a similar style to your Abyss hookah. I have both an MYA and a KM hookah, and I love them both.
  6. egoncalo

    S***ty Egyptian Bowl

    Vortex bowls work pretty well, too. Phunnels right now are hard to find in anything other than medium or large, and actual Tangiers bowls are few and far between. Do your research before you buy. If you get a medium it pretty much takes like 45g to pack it.
  7. Fantasia Pumpkin Spice was awesome! I absolutely loved it, and it lasted for a long time. Highly recommended.
  8. First off, you shouldn't be lighting the golden coals on the stove, you'll stain the metal, by Golden I'm assuming you mean Golden QLs, you can use a lighter. Secondly, Hookah never goes well with me during or after heaving eating. Try taking smaller hits and lets your food settle prior to your session. Stay away from Nakhla if you are having trouble, it's unwashed so it will give you a much stronger buzz than something like AF. Another strategy may just be start out smoking just straight mint, or mint mixed in with another tobacco flavor. Mint is always good for nausea, and it will help tone down insanely sweet flavors. I wish you luck!
  9. The vortex bowl has actually been great so far. I bought it because my medium phunnel is just way too big. I'd say this bowl takes between 25-35g of shisha. I didn't really know how it should be packed, so I pioneered a way myself. I sort of build the shisha up along the sides, sprinkling it in lightly. Then I clear out a small space in the space immediately around the four holes. So far it's been ripping like a champ, that combined with the naras has been fantastic. I really like it, it smokes on par with my phunnel no problem. I'm going to be posting reviews for a bunch of this stuff soon. So keep your eyes peeled.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. I tried Fantasia Pumpkin Spice last night and absolutely loved it! I'm at work, but let me try to list all the flavors I got for you guys. Al Amir Caramel Apple - 500g Baja Grape - 250g Baja Khalua - 250g Fantasia Pumpkin Spice - 400g Fumari White Peach - 200g Layalina Kiwi Strawberry - 250g Layalina Raspberry - 250g Nakhla Mandarin - 500g Starbuzz Honey Melon? - 500g Al Fakher - 250g Watermellon Al Fakher - 50g Mixed Berry I also bought a box of Coco Naras to try, I've been using Exoticas and QLs. The cocos I used last night were fantastic. I picked a Vortex bowl too, that worked well, and a box of 100 pre-cut foil for my bowl. On Thursday I've got the following on the way: Romman Good Times - 250g Potion Blackberry - 100g Potion Blueberry - 100g Tonic Raspberry Cheesecake - 250g As well as a Heba Diffuser and a new Black Nammor hose. It's like Hookah Christmas.
  11. So the shisha fairy came today... he was dressed in a brown UPS uniform and carried my order from TheHookah.com. Check out the boatload of product! I've got more coming in tomorrow from Hookah-Shisha.com. So exciting!
  12. egoncalo


    Permanent... not Perminant. That confused me for a moment.
  13. egoncalo

    Giant Ninja Robot

    Adios amigo! Don't work too hard!
  14. My Nammor just died on my second month exactly. The handle detached from the hose, I've only used it like 12 times. H-S was nice enough to give me another half off, with half off shipping, and they also gave me a diffuser for half off, 30% off a 250g tub of romman, and 20% off some other miscellaneous shisha. Granted there was no warranty, they were still kind enough to hook me up with a good deal as an apology.
  15. egoncalo

    Help Me Think Of A Name!

    Wonderland Smoke... that's interesting. Heh, maybe like Wonderland Hookah, or just "Wonderland." Thank you everyone for the names. I've gotta register this before I hit the sack, can't make up my mind. I may just register the LLC as something else, and then DBA (Do business as) another name. So keep em coming!