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  1. Shishavac!

    Wow, for that price I hope it sets up bowls too...
  2. Tired Of Fruit Flavors.

    I know its a "fruit," but Tangiers blueberry is both delicious and has a more real to life flavor. It tastes like blueberry muffins or blueberry cobbler. No artificial taste here.
  3. Welcome! I'm from Jax, living in gainesville now.
  4. KM Amoura Small phunnel Tangiers bluberry 2 H-C coconut coals
  5. A New Flavor?

    Sounds like it might just be the hookah lounge's mix. Plus why would they get rid of it if everyone wanted it?
  6. I once had a friend that had his house raided for NHT. He had 5 hookahs. There was no NHT in his house (there never was), and they broke all 5 of his hookahs. That made me so absolutely furious, and there's nothing he could do about it...
  7. Yea, I just got one last week, it's the same diameter as my medium. It looks a little shallower and its shorter. Still smokes good, I'm not complaining.
  8. Got some tangiers k peach going right now...
  9. Smoking Nakhla Mandarin Orange out of a small phunnel with 3 coco's. Mmmm....
  10. The Nicest Ride!

    QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ Oct 20 2008, 09:08 PM) corvettes and american cars in general = EPIC FAIL The z06 and zr1 are both respectable cars. The only respectable american cars.
  11. Mini Phunnels (SOLD OUT)

    So did any of us that just posted yesterday not get one?
  12. Mini Phunnels (SOLD OUT)

    I'll take a white to 32608 if there's any left.
  13. Do you have holes poked over the middle?
  14. Florida Smokers Fl

    Most definitely... I'm in jax every other week or so... deverlight- we gotta smoke sometime, where are you staying?
  15. Torrent Websites

    Demonoid if you have an invite (I can give you one), and torrentpond.com if not. Torrent pond searches alot of different torrents, including most of the ones mentioned above.