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  1. r1smith

    The Best Hookah

    Be sure to check out the discount codes as well. http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=5876
  2. r1smith

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    QUOTE (insomniac950 @ Aug 3 2008, 02:26 AM) Arabia is absolutely horrible for sheesha. I'd agree that the shisha selection is sparse but the atmosphere makes up for this imo. It wouldn't be the best place to hang out with your buddies but if you are taking a girl there, it fits the bill.
  3. r1smith

    Blueberry Mint

    Do you the proportions for a mint mix if you were using AF (say watermellon mint)?
  4. I'm trying to emulate the Blueberry Mist flavor by Starbuzz by mixing Fumari Blueberry with some mint shisha. I like the Starbuzz flavor but it isn't as strong as I would like it. After reading the Fumai reviews it seems that their blueberry is very flavorful. So what would be the right proportions of shisha for the mix, e.g. 2:1 (i.e. 200g blueberry, 100g mint)?
  5. There was supposedly a bad batch of AF grape that tasted like ketchup.
  6. Ok this is a total noob-esque question, but is it cool to leave your hookah set up after you clean and dry it (i.e. in between sessions)? I think it would look pretty cool just chilling in my room, but if it effects the longevity of the pipe, I'd rather not.
  7. r1smith

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    I live in the south burbs during the summer but I'm in the city a lot. I like Arabia Hookah and Noon Hookah the best. Guess hookah has a nice shisha selection and the people there are cool but the place smells like piss...
  8. How's the horchata shisha? The drink is one of my favorites.
  9. r1smith

    New Hookah!

    QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Jul 21 2008, 08:57 PM) Yes please many pics when you get it. We are picture hounds here!! Most definately
  10. r1smith

    New Hookah!

    Thanks for the help, guys. I ended up ordering a 29" KM. I also got a small phunnel bowl and Al Fahkr watermelon and Starbuzz blueberry mist shisha. I can't wait until it gets here...