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  1. I Just Bought ...

    Mya QT (2 hose) Hookah Three King Coals Box (10 Rolls) - 40mm Phunnel Hookah Bowl Color:: small - red Heba Diffuser Al Waha bundle (10):: E) 5-Star, After 9, Banana Split, Blueberry, Cali. Dream, Guava, Kiwi, Orange Cream, Raspberry, Winter Flower[/size]Choose Al Waha 50 g Flavor #1:: bounty (coconut/chocolate)[size="2"]Choose Al Waha 50 g Flavor #2:: double appleClearance Al Waha 250g Box Apricot Clearance Al Waha 250g Box Cherry Clearance Al Waha 250g Box Rose Romman 50g Cola Romman 50g Watermelon Should be in tomorrow! Double Kudos to HS for holding my order so I could change a few flavors I mistakenly chose, then rushing my order out to me so I can take it to a party on Friday night!
  2. The Day The Music Died...

    QUOTE (zeppyrkr @ Mar 8 2008, 12:26 PM) ouch, no ones mentions bonham very disappointing guys ... What about Bradley Nowell of Sublime? They only released (barely) 3 albums and just started getting national attention when he died. Imagine if he had lived another decade or more... RIP Bradley Nowell
  3. I joined the forum a couple weeks ago. Since then I've made 2 posts and sent 2 PMs to the member Hobocans. However, my profile says I have 0 posts and have no sent messages or anything in my inbox. I doubt Hobocans got my message since its been over a week with no reply.
  4. Hi Guys!

    QUOTE (esheg4ever23 @ Jul 18 2008, 06:27 AM) How is it possible you have 0 posts? Anyway, welcome to HF. You won't be disappointed with the HoboHookah, I've heard some good things about it. Idk I was wondering the same thing. I sent two PMs to Hobocans as well and it says I have no messages. I wonder if they got sent since he hasn't replied and its been a couple days...
  5. Hi Guys!

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone being a new member. I've been smoking hookah at lounges for a few years. Me and my friend had a small nameless hookah we picked up a couple years ago that is now broke. I just ordered a product called The Witch. Its basically the same principle as THe Hobo Hookah: add your own vase. I thought it would be cool to use my favorite liquor bottles as a vase, and plus it was less than $20, so I thought it would be a good purchase for my first own hookah. Got a bunch of sampler 50g packs: Tripple Apple, Pineapple from Nahkla, Orange and Strawberry from Al Waha, as well as a 250g Al Waha Apricot since its one of my favs and also my gf's fav. Can't wait til it gets here on Monday