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  1. Goody1231979

    My Buddy Tried To Help Me Out, And I Got Screwed...

    Where in the CHI are you???? hit up GUESS hookah john has some sick prices on Af and Nak.....................even has tangiers
  2. Goody1231979

    Country Music Fans

    Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, Randy Houser, Tim McGraw, Justin Moore, Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert should get ya started
  3. Goody1231979

    Dishwasher Soap Taste

    rinse it out more i use soap on all of my hookah stuff and dont taste anything
  4. AF esk apple its really good
  5. Goody1231979

    American Chopper

    I always thought the show was a joke......they just order parts out of a catalog and slap it together and call it "custom". Very little fabricating is done. Maybe they cut a fender or a gas tank but thats about it. Meh but i do think Mikey is f*cking Hilarous
  6. Goody1231979

    Speeding Ticket

    Ya first offence.....25 over in a school zone...on my bike
  7. Goody1231979

    Speeding Ticket

    TAKE IT ONLINE, Im from IL trust me. Taking it online is a frickin joke. simple. And yes your insurance may go up.... mine did
  8. Goody1231979


    WOW what a guy, I posted a thread asking to trade 10 cocos for 10 ch nats. Jon offered to send me 10 for just the cost of shipping. very responsive to all pms. would trade again with him in a heartbeat.
  9. Goody1231979

    A Sad. Sad Day

    [quote name='Arcane' date='19 December 2009 - 02:04 PM' timestamp='1261253056' post='440318'] [quote name='Codename067' date='18 December 2009 - 03:33 PM' timestamp='1261186385' post='440133'] [quote name='Arcane' date='18 December 2009 - 05:20 PM' timestamp='1261185653' post='440129'] well...the first thing i was thinking, since i ride too, was why were you following so close? the second thing is...i NEVER trust cagers.... you never realize how idiotic some people are behind the wheel of 3,000lbs of steel until you get on a bike... glad you're ok though, man....never trust cagers....never... [/quote] Well, I don't fully blame the person I hit. I blame myself as well. Now to answer your question about why I was so close. I was planning on taking that left turn too. I thought this ass infront of me would go ahead and take that yellow, but he didn't. I was a little too close. I just barely hit him. If I had another half second, literally, I would've completely avoided him, by a foot, but it would have been avoided. Lesson learned though. Keep your distance. This is my first fall on my first and only 1-liter bike, I've been riding for a little over a year. What do you ride? [/quote] i have an '06 Suzi GS5 (track bike), '05 R6, and '06 R6S.... both yamaha's are stock....i'd like to make the R6 a track bike soon enough, however...i'm nowhere near riding that bike to its full potential....once, i get there....i'll start tweaking the bike... my favorite ride is the suzi, but can't take it out on the street anymore....ah well... i'm actually thinking of selling all of them except the R6S, and then get me a Iron 883 [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img] [/quote] Fuck ya get that Iron......I have a '01 XLH1200 and love it. Beat the living crap out of it and the bike just love taking a beating I would love a SS bike but can afford the insurance. I also didnt know there were this many people on the forum who ride
  10. Smoking some OG K-Peach.......love it

  11. Goody1231979

    A Sad. Sad Day

    One thing about bikes, your gonna go down it just a matter of when. just a risk of riding that we take. I was rearended on my Kawi Kz 400 last year sitting at a light. as said before NEVER TRUST CAGERS. Ride on brother.
  12. Goody1231979

    Drunk Posting

    KINNNNNNNG COBBBBBBBBBBBBBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 400000000000000000000000ssssssssssssssssssss LETSSS keep them 40s poppen
  13. Goody1231979


    Fully agree, my small smokes way better than my mini
  14. Goody1231979

    Wtt/Wtb Ch Natural Coals

    MODS go ahead and close this, Jondd88 is gonna hook me up
  15. Goody1231979

    My Favorite Part About The New Forum Style

    Im not to computer savvy......whats funny about that???????? im honestly curious??