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  1. Why Are Women Superior To Men?

    FAIL men would never be this retarded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10VmJ-8XGA4
  2. Al Ajamy Reviews

    al ajamy eskandarani ma'assel first impressions: boxed in usual al fakher/havana/ajamy low-quality tupperware and single sealed bag. smells like a less-champagne-ish version of AF gold seal eskandarani apple. much like a granny smith golden apple. smells powerful and mouthwatering, not unlike an asian girl's face photoshopped onto muhammed ali's body. preparation: very wet with a light brown color. crubmles nicely into the bowl smoke:VERY mild flavor. tastes just like it smells. took a lot of heat to get going. almost 4 inches of natural lump coal! extremely smooth smoke, but the flavor seems like it's not all there. perhaps too mild for my tastes smoke thickness was mediocre at best. about the same level as nakhla lemon. VERY difficult to blow rings with smokes on average an hour to 1:15. not anywhere near romman, AF gold, or AF 2xapple which can go on for over 2 hours in a 20g bowl final impressions: great flavor, but weak smoke and doesn't last as long as other AA flavors. at half the price of AFG esk. apple, it's still a bargain though. can be enjoyed by regular and causal smokers alike. as long as the price doesn't go up I would definately buy this one again, but it still can't touch the greats like nakhla peach and AF 2xapple complimented best with turkish apple tea, or if you're drinking, a whiskey lemonade equipment: -30" egyptian -cermaic 20g shallow bowl from sahara -72' leather washable mya w/wood tips -oman charcoal natural lump coal
  3. hookahs in tv land

    mmm.... zag ;)the episode of american dad when they go o the middle east shows all the men outside talking, each smoking their own argileh. it put a smile on my face when i saw it
  4. Naklah Zaghul Review

    i have to say i enjoyed teh zag more than the tombak...anyone have any tombak smoking tips? i rinsed teh tobacco and piled it in the bowl wet, then put the coals directly on the tobacco and it took forever to get going...did we do this right?
  5. REVIEW Tangiers Kashmir Peach

    i dream of trying this flavor every waking hour....
  6. Naklah Zaghul Review

    it was quite good indeed...not quite to the level of a good pipe tobacco like what aaron's got, but good none the less and a hell of a lot cheaper i'm down for some tombak tonight if you are G!
  7. Hookah Misconceptions

    [quote name='HookahDuck']6. I ran water through my cheapy non-washable hose before every session.7. I could care less about brands of tobacco- only what flavor it was.[/quote]been there on both of those oh the good old days of misinformation and if you say you don't like al waha, give african kiwi a smoke and tell me if you still feel the same way
  8. Stargate arrived!

    that is the most gorgeous argileh i have ever seen.....i didnt know people actually BOUGHT those! i'll bet it smokes as good as it looks too...
  9. Music

    [quote name='DarbyFett']Music for some reason plays a big part of any smoking expieriance for me. When i smoke my pipe i usually listen to Tom Waits or The Chieftans..[/quote]you have good taste man! i love the chieftans! the dubliners are great too. irish music in general is just great
  10. Body Adornment

    i'll throw mine in the game7/16" holes[img]http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/5170/picture2612nz.jpg[/img]haha lame pic, but gets the point across[img]http://img488.imageshack.us/img488/1231/picture2757wz.jpg[/img]i can stick my thumb through too, but this makes for a more interesting pose...i only have one small tat that says "slayer" after the band...something i could live with or without...its gonna be great when my kids make fun of me for getting that one...
  11. Shisha trade-off idea

    nakhla peach...makes my mouth water just thinking about it.....
  12. Hookah and Shisha Central

    caravan imports on ebaywww.caravansarai.comthey have really nice pipes(a lot of the same ones that HC sells) and i don't think you can beat the price.  i have ordered 3 pipes from them and all have been of great quality, quickly shipped out, with a good accessory pack, and exactly as described. good communication too!for ma'assel www.hookahcompany.com has by far the best selection and prices.  i prefer them to social smoke based on prices that are about %15 cheaper already and an unbeatable selection that is simply amazing.  good communication/customer service too!
  13. Draws W/Out The Hose

    [quote name='Tangiers']I think of it more like taking a crap on a toilet that has no seat, it really doesn't make that big of a difference, but its more comfortable to have one.[/quote]Best..Analogy...Ever[img]http://photos13.flickr.com/14828585_0f6613bc23_o.jpg[/img]
  14. [quote name='zzzzzT']Since you are getting pneumonia persistently, I would check where you live for mold. Check your airducts or any persistent moist places. Many people get pneumonia from mold and is often a sign of it from what I hear. More people die from mold than many think, and it causes all kinds of health problems. My friend who works at a large mortuary picked up a few kids and 2 younger adults in the 30s due to death from mold in a two week period.[/quote]we had a huge problem with the black toxic mold that was causing brand damage and whatnot in a TON of cheaply-built stucco houses back when i lived in the woodlands.  a lot of people had to call it a loss and get their entire home redone.  insurnace companies were being their usual selves and not comering most of it...definately check for mold
  15. [quote name='surfpico']Tangiers - What was so inappropriate about that? Haha... no I am not the Heather who is opening a lounge.I'm young.And broke.And lousy with the hookah.[/quote]young and broke...i like you already...i can relate to that(as i'm sure many members here can)!wyteboy, your reviews were some of the best and helped me out quite a bit...i don't know if i could just quit cold turkey like that, so you are a better man than I! hope your lungs get healed up soon. i'm sure you'll hear the call of the ma'assel again ;)best of luck for a speedy recovery. i'll pour a forty on the curb for you(ok youre not dead, but i will do it anyway, just for the honor)