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  1. Hey man, saw u were from Omaha, im from Council Bluffs, Im totally new to Hookah and this website, thanks for the add

  2. hey guys, my girlfriend got me a new hookah for Christmas as a surprise. i opened it up estatic because i thought it was a KM at first it is infact a Caravan? or thats what the tray says. I have never heard of their hookahs, only their hoses. Could you guys please tell me a little more about the company, and this hookah. its a 2 hose- about 22" deff Egyptian. never seen it before, nor can find it anywhere online. and she wont tell me where she got it. their website seems to be down. any info would be great! ill try to post some pics later. edit: heres a pic i found on google, i just have a different vase. [url="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_u_pGZ3YhxUs/SigsZMn90sI/AAAAAAAAAMU/6uRY7sBGpFw/s320/Hookah010_opt.jpg"]http://4.bp.blogspot...okah010_opt.jpg[/url] p.s it smokes pretty well
  3. Nakhla Tutorial

    id kill for some watermelon. theres nothing here in omaha but af and hh
  4. Nakhla Tutorial

    whered u find mizo watermelon? local shop?
  5. Awkward Hose Question

    vaporizer. only smoking device with a button. they make some that you just hold up to your mouth and press a button, and it actually forces the smoke into your mouth, then into the lungs. although these wouldn't be found "back in the day"
  6. wow, that is glorious. im really liken that bowl too
  7. New Mizo Flavours

    sweet Jesus i cant wait for some watermelon. i was extremely dissapointed in AFs watermelon, and have been looking for a good replacement since. Why cant one of the vendors on here order some? like john? i don't mean to tromp on their business, but i really no know how vendor ordering works.
  8. Why Dye?

    to make it more appealing to the little ones. the little being of at least 18 of course. and noobs.
  9. Glycerine

    yaa id say taste it first. the whole skin protectant seems kinda sketchy. from what i recall, you need something that is used for baking. not something found in the cosmetics isle.
  10. Mya Qt Help

    i had a similar problem that comes and goes, and idk why i have noticed when i screw my downstem on, it goes on at a sever angle. then if i look down from the top stem, i cant see completely down the stem. i can play with lining up the threads, and get it decently straight, but its still annoying.
  11. Some Pictures!

    Egyptian bowl?
  12. okay, these are all new flavors for me. thinking about ordering: Tangiers: Watermelon Strawberry Cinnamon Orange Soda Nakhla: Cinnamon Are these wise decisions? I haven't gotten Tangiers perfect yet, i had og k-cherry. flavors good, but i always get that tickle- but i think im confident i can get it right. What do you guys think??
  13. yes, but break the QLs up. into either 1/2s, 1/3s. or 1/4s. i never use more than one whole coal. i usually have 3 1/3 pieces of a 33mm 3K QL on a phunnel.
  14. Hookah-shisha Egyptians?

    i got the nile from there with a nammor. its decent i have that and a QT. i smoke them both. but it was pretty good for the 40 i got it for, with the nammor, and carrying bag.
  15. College

    University of Nebraska at Omaha. (UNO) This is in Nebraska Im a freshman, and i play lacrosse for them