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  1. Kc-Bassist

    Torrent Websites

    QUOTE (neffertiti @ Oct 9 2008, 02:03 PM) I use thepiratebay.org it's worked for everything that i could ever need Amen to that i love TPB
  2. Kc-Bassist

    Newbie From The Needles, California Area...

    QUOTE (missyluvshookahs @ Oct 28 2008, 12:05 PM) Hello, my name is Melissa, & I reside in the Needles, California area!!! I joined this forum because I am 37 years old, & I want to find other likeminded people who also reside in my area that share this same interest as I do!!! I have a rather sad story to share with anyone who would care to read this!!! Back on November 27 th, of 2005, my then 18 year old son passed away in his sleep due to a seizure that he had, so therefore, to this very day, I have not been able to RELAX @ all!!! I realize that his 3 rd anniversary is fastly approaching, & that is what got me wanting to be introduced what the wonderful world of hookahs is all about!!! I am willing to do anything that will help me to RELAX, & perhaps smoking a hookah just might help me to accomplish just that!!! So if you are interested in helping me to RELAX by smoking a hookah, then please don't keep me waiting!!! I want to be able to feel good again!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this message!!! Have a wonderful day to all who shall read this... Hi Melissa I got your message and if it's of any relevance my would be older sister died when she was 3 months old from SIDS so i know about needing to relax, alos i would love to smoke with you some time but tis hard to find time due to school and work...So i don't know when we would be able to but welcome to the forum everyone is really nice here and will help you with whatever you need including me, So enjoy.
  3. Kc-Bassist

    Minor Inconviences

    Just a topic to vent about all the little things that piss you off in life i guess i'll start with a couple. lets see how many we cant get make sure you number them! 1.when the ketchup lid breaks and that nasty old ketchup shit gets on it. 2.that stupid little carpet staple that always sticks up outta the floor in doorways. 3.when he mailman always comes when you let your dogs out. .=| 4. When your mom spells went with an H. (whent) 5.When pictures on the walls keep falling on my guitars!!!!!!!!!!! 6. When hookah coals fall on the carpet or yourself
  4. Kc-Bassist

    Urban Terror Anyone?

    I played that for a little while but i got into combat arms its much better more like COD4 but its pretty demanding for comps while urban terror runs good on any comp but maybe ill redownload it and hit you up.
  5. Kc-Bassist

    A Quick Question

    They are just 33mm QL's and only one.
  6. Kc-Bassist

    A Quick Question

    It's just a medium egyptian clay bowl and we are using layalina and soex :|
  7. ok so i got my new hookah about two weeks ago It's a three hosed 22' orion from socialsmoke and it seems everytime me and my girlfriend n friends smoke out of it you get the flavor but its very faint. The smoke is thicck and the shisha isnt burning to much but we hardly get any flavor. Do you think its my hookah? I remember the first time i smoked hookah it was from a friends single hosed 12' and it tasted great and thats what i wanted my girlfriend to experience hookah but now she losing patience with it I have tried about 5 times now but the same result i tried different methods and everything but still jsut a very light and faint taste and only when you exhale can you taste it is that normal?
  8. Kc-Bassist

    First Guitar :)

    I dont have a pic but my first Bass was a crappy walmart one lol Then I got a Fender four string Mb-4 50th anniversary edition with P and J pickups and a cherry blossom finish now im the proud owner of that and a peavey mxb and a dean EAB playmate acoustic electric bass .
  9. Kc-Bassist

    Xbox Live

    List your gamertag here if you want to make some new friends on xbox live. List you gamertag & What games you play most often Mine is sufferthemasses (all lower case) and i play Halo 3 & Battlefield Bad Company.
  10. Kc-Bassist

    I Hate Being Poor...

    You think your town sucks come to bullhead city Arizona, 120 degree's in the summer, tweakers everywhere. Hardly any smoke shops, no hookah lounges, bunch of cranky old people and illegal immigrants and not to mention the police would rather bust kids for swimming on private property rather than deal with the mass amount of meth addicts and labs here. AND I'm poor hooray I live in a single wide trailer
  11. My older sister Summer(R.I.P.) who died before i was born. and then maybe Cliff Burton, John "bonzo" Bonham, and Dimebag Darrell and Randy Rhoads.
  12. Kc-Bassist

    Help Picking A Laptop

    Definetly the first. You'll be able to run just about any commercial game except for maybe crysis. Also try not to get vista, xp is still strong and vista's buggy as crap.
  13. Kc-Bassist

    Satanism & Witchcraft

    I used to be a LaVeyan satanist and people are greatly misled by the media and common portrayal of satanism. It's really a very intellectual religion based off the realities of human instincts.. It's also a very selfish religion to say the least but before anyone should judge a satanist they should know what they stand for and understand their point of view and beliefs because i thought it was a load of crap till i read up on it and realized that it symbolizes human life itself in a manner of speaking. And thats why i became one but reflecting upon i realize that it doesn't give an explanation of human life only a way to live it. And i didnt want to wander in the dark so i found myself and recollected my beliefs and turned a new leaf. I feel knowing of god is a subconscious feeling and its always there with you but it takes a certain milestone in your life to realize it's their and i hit one of those milestones so maybe someday an avid satanist will reach his like i did but still don't judge them for there religion i still respect who they are and what they stand for and everyone else should do the same.
  14. Kc-Bassist

    What Ethnic Background...

    I am German from my fathers side and Welsh from my mothers side and 100% proud of my heritage.
  15. Kc-Bassist

    Arizona Smokers Az

    Bullhead City AZ here