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  1. QUOTE (Chadkciw @ Jul 16 2008, 10:14 AM) QUOTE (bkx76 @ Jul 15 2008, 10:55 PM) Anyone care to recommend an online seller? Going to buy a Mia just make sure its a mya not a Mia, dont wanna get boned Wow, that is what I get for typing and talking on the phone at the same time. My mind was MIA.... And yes, I ment Mya not Mia!
  2. I need to get a new hookah and have done the research into what one I would like. Now I am out looking on the net for it. eBay is a total rip off, or at least has been for me so far. I find lots of sites selling hookahs, and lots of different prices. One thing I notice is no shippig prices listed on most. Some say things like "comes with free starter kit" others just tell you a list of stuff that you will get. Some sites looks like time and money was spent, others may be done by a child. Anyone care to recommend an online seller? Going to buy a Mya
  3. I am not looking for a brand war, just brand names. I don't mind peoples personal opinion of a product, but I will research out each one on my own and choose what I feel is best for me. I hope I did not start something by asking.
  4. I own one hookah, a cheap chinese eBay $2.00 special. It is pure junk, made of plastic where they could get away with it. Every time I press the stem into the vase it cracks more, but this post is not to cry over a cheap hookah I got to try smoking out with. I am looking for a new quality hookah. My search has found Mya, and I like some of the styles. I wondered what other quality name brands existed. I want to check out any reliable hookah source, but mainly looking for somethng around 12" that I can get a travel case of some sort for.
  5. You want drunken posting, just look up Modern Drunkard now that forum is nothing but drunken posting!
  6. QUOTE (judgeposer @ Jul 12 2008, 12:59 PM) It's a shame that only now is there a showing of Michiganders on the forum! I just moved from the Ann Arbor area, where I went to grad school, back to New York. Whenever I visit, I'll post to see if we can meet up for a session. Also, I used to buy stuff from a smoke shop in downtown Ann Arbor, on University. If it's still there, they have a modest, but fresh selection. I'll search for the name, but it doubled as a general smoke shop. That store sounds like Smoka Hookah, at least that is the only smoke shop that comes up on University. I need to get some coals and few minor things like that, I was hoping to find a good shop in the area.
  7. QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Jul 12 2008, 11:16 AM) <br />Welcome in man! I'm from the wonderfully recessing state of Michigan as well. There are only a few of us so we gotta stick together! I'm in Royal Oak.<br /><br />This site will blow your mind! There is so much knowledge that you'll be smoking like a pro in no time. Seriously, it's awesome.<br /><br />I almost named my hookah the green hornet, lol. I went with the Green Mile instead.<br /><br />Enjoy, Mark<br /> I checked out a smoke shop in your neck of the woods, kind of. Up in Mt. Clemens when I was at the Stars & Stripes fest a few weeks back I found Heads Up, a great little shop. Hello and thanks for the reply/welcome from the others as well!
  8. QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Jul 12 2008, 09:51 AM) <br />Welcome to HF! I lived in the UP of MI where are you located at? You have a whole family here now!! <img src="style_emoticons/default/Hookah.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":Hookah:" border="0" alt="Hookah.gif" /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> I am in the Ann Arbor / Jackson area
  9. bkx76


    I will say this once again about copper and heat: Take a look at what brew kettles for beer making and stills for liquor are made out of. Liquor making you run at a temp around 172° and with beer you bring it to a boil. Both operations deal with some of the same things as a hookah: liquid & heat Anyone drink beer or booze?
  10. QUOTE (HOOKAH2810 @ Jul 3 2008, 10:48 PM) QUOTE (fifthmanstanding @ Jul 3 2008, 07:39 PM) I forsee at least 20 ppl yelling about the copper pipe lol copper is okay to use, as long as it doesnt heat up. and copper doesnt give off poisonous gases until it reaches a very high temperature. for instance cooking companies use copper cook wear to this day. also after smoking the hookah i checked the pipe and it was still very cold from the ice water. I would have to agree, you ever see a still? All the good ones are made entirely out of copper and are heated to 172°.
  11. New to hookah smoking, about 2 weeks into it and boy have I been missing out! I am a night owl who works 3rd shift during the week and part time on the weekends at an area radio station. I am into all sorts of unique stuff ranging from gunsmithing to wine making. I have a small podcast show that I do from my basement and smoking my hookah has become a large part of the show. I currently own one small 10" hookah that I got off of eBay for a song ($2.50 with free shipping, you got to love the snipe programs!) that I call "The Green Hornet". It is a good one to lean on, but looking for a better quality pipe as I now know that I enjoy hookah smoking. The one thing I notice right away is the color of the smoke, much cleaner looking than cigarette smoking. hello to you all, I look forward to making some great online friends!
  12. Live in the Jackson area, work in the Ann Arbor area
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