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  1. yea I'll let you know, I'll set up a buy and seriously, if I do not get it back his/her car/truck is going on blocks this weekend lol
  2. So we hosted like a back to school party at our new house, and were listenin to the ipod in the garage...I wake up and its not there...Then I go on craigslist looking for stupid stuff cause you can find some really sweet deals on there...I find my ipod and i know its mine cause i got a red nano from my sis for going to college and she enscribed $$T-Money$$ on the back lol she called me that...what do i do i made up an email to try and "buy" the ipod, so if he responds, seriously, I'm super pissed and dont know what to do from there lol any suggestions on what i should do, it was posted yesterday and I have no reciepts to back it up...

    Jerome Gelil (speak In Vowels)

    yea come to think of it, sorry bro, i mean i got what i paid for, a little long to get here, but dude, just i want the bowl lol haha good review for ya man, i changed it...just for everyone out there, it took awhile but dont worry he will come through...

    Jerome Gelil (speak In Vowels)

    Sorry about that one guys, I thought out loud a little earlier, and sorry jerome for that one, but yes, the review from the trade still stands...just my experience cause everyone else I had talked to earlier had great things to say about him, but yea, this was my experience...
  5. So yea, got the hookah, so what if the seal on the vase broke silicone fixed it...took awhile to get here...i was hotheaded for that for awhile forgive me guys....jerome sent everything but the bowl lol...
  6. Roger that..Chris Farley LOL and my friend ross, he died of cancer when i was in ninth grade...

    Kidney Stones Suck

    /i drink a fuckton of beer that caUSE IT?????

    The Dark Knight

    YYYYEEESSSS!!!! Just saw it tonight (yesterday) and was awesome....RIP Heath Ledger but totally a great movie, long and never a dull moment!

    American Drinking Songs?

    whiskey in the jar...metallica

    Starting A Hookah Bar Up...

    The nearest hookah bar is two hours away at least so I would be going out on a limb here with this, but three colleges in this area, Iknow a ton of people that smoke hookah and this could be a great place to chill and hang out....Prescott just got a club and from what I've heard its not the best but everyone says they need a place to hang out after eight..LOL this town shuts down sooo early so IO think this could be in the best interest

    Starting A Hookah Bar Up...

    Hollen that is awesome!!!! That givese ides because that would be awesome, i'm going to check around with some of the local cafes because there is a ton ofthem and we could probably work a deal out with them as in get a coffee, get _% off or something. And yes mushrat, I'm going to be here for three years for sure and the profit would be split two ways...But we are in it more or less for the experience of running a small business for later aviation related ventures and for the love of hookah that we would like to share with community, although the profits will e a great benefit, don't get me wrong

    Arizona Smokers Az

    Prescott....Embry Riddle....Anyone here for the summer let me know cause noone is up here right now to smoke with

    Starting A Hookah Bar Up...

    and for furniture, we have been stockpiling couches from craigslist and stuff so we are set with furniture, just need a store, liscenses and whatnot, and some hookahs...

    Starting A Hookah Bar Up...

    Geeze man you have it figured out for sure...We were thinking hookah forum members get 15-20% off if they come and visit , or a punch card, but the poker night thing, thats awesome man, prescott has really nothing to do except for bars and such for the nightlife so that would be great, those are some good ideas man, I'm going to crunch some numbers and see how long it will take to turn a profit and then how much we could make after that then start actually trying to start soon if able

    Starting A Hookah Bar Up...

    Yea, a friend and I are wondering how we would fund it because flight instructing isn't going to cover it...But I'm going to my advisor since I'm a business major to ask him about this venture because if we could get it rolling, it would be really nice for our area...