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  1. ktiz

    Underground Hiphop Thread

    I'm going to see Mr.Lif tonight :]
  2. ktiz

    Grapefruit Diet?

    pretty sure this is the diet the old lady from requiem for a dream goes on. Before she starts doing drugs. that's hilarious.
  3. ktiz

    New Tri-metal :d

    damn, how much did you pay for them honey nut cheerios?
  4. I think they're tight. I'd def were them if my ears weren't stretched.
  5. ktiz

    My Friends Band

    Not really my favorite style of music but it's really impressive anyway. you got cool friends. (pat on the back) katie.
  6. Centipedes are just downright terrifying. and I was disappointed with this. I want to see a cute little caterpillar!
  7. Wanna go smoke some hooky? LOL!

  8. ktiz

    Km And Smoking Pics

    tiiiighhht! also, where have you been? >:[
  9. ktiz

    How Do You Pronounce Hookah?

    My boyfriend's mom says, "Are you guys doing that hooky?"
  10. ktiz

    Hard Stuff

    Coda, I definately think people need certain things from other people. If your current girlfriend doesn't meet your needs then there isn't any sense in staying with her and much less, thinking about marrying her. but only you know what is right for you. Don't stay with someone for the wrong reasons. It never turns out well that way. Drug out relationships just cause more heartbreak. It's good to reflect on these kinds of things instead of getting into something that will make you unhappy and effect the rest of your life. I don't know if this is already taken place but perhaps take a break for a while and see what happens. Also, like you said, you are still really young. I guess what I would do in this situation is try not to worry about it so much and just go with the flow. I have confidence that whatever happens will be the best for you in the end. You will know what is right because you know what is right for you.
  11. ktiz


    (the smell is the wax, molding inside the dread)
  12. Hookah-Hookah Kiwi. Bleehh. I also don't like AF Watermelon. and Tangiers Strawberry. but HH Kiwi takes the cake. the thought of it makes me never want to smoke again.
  13. ktiz


    Alot of the time, the reason dreadlocks become nasty, is because of the wax. That shit rots inside your hair. (as it never fully washes out) Just backcomb and let them be, and they will become beautiful locks in no time. They are not hard to take care of if you don't worry about what they look like in the first stages. and there is no need to "get them done." That's not what dreadlocks are about, in my personal opinon. for me, dreadlocks are a spiritual journey and not a fashion. please, please, look at this site www.knottylocks.tk it's a dreadlock forum, like hookah forum, and they will lead you in the right direction.
  14. Haha thanks =D [Avatar thread]