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  1. Sooo what is ppm and co? OP can you write a summary of your findings on the original post?
  2. I'm friends with a manager at a hookah bar here in Indy called lava. I showed him the hookahs I made and I told him I'm having trouble finding a light with Weight and really flexible hose.... He handed me this hose and told me to keep it..... It works perfectly, great draw and all washable. Looks like the same tubing of your tonic hoses you posted. This one is an aluminum tip and handle.
  3. Well it might seem like an odd question but how old is your shisha and is it kinda dry? You totally need to pack more but if you are getting good smoke and no flavor it might be the type of coals being too hot. I have never used those so I dunno. The reason I brought up the age of the shisha is cause I had that happen towards the end of a 250 tub. It had no flavor at all but got great smoke, packed as normal.... I just reflavored it and it worked great.
  4. Yeah that's what I meant but no those hoses aren't flexible enough. They are okbas a quick hose but I would never use them as my main or a travel hose.
  5. Oh those.... I have used those, they don't make a full seal
  6. I'm looking for super flexible hoses that don't have long connectors are aren't heavy. I would prefer washable. I started making hookahs as a hobby and I need hoses that won't cause problems with possibly tipping over the hookah. Any help or ideas is always welcome
  7. Lol I know any will work but I want one to match
  8. Hey thanks for the help. I ended up going with a really strong glue that's used to boats and aquariums. I will post the name of it later (in bed now). The hookah is done and works perfectly besides needing a defused which I have already started making. I still need to know who makes the hose in the picture link I posted in the original post. Anyone have any idea?
  9. my short boy mya vase broke, so i decided to make my own out of a patron bottle. totally glad i found this forum, gonna scour it looking for ideas if i ever want to build another....   BUT what i need help with is i need a good adhesive to glue the metal hose vavles to the glass i have drilled. i loaded all my pics on imgur before i saw this section. but anyways here are the images http://imgur.com/a/UzQka   as you know it needs to be stron enough to deal with the pressure of putting the hose in without breaking the adhesive.   also, i got this hose from a friend, does anyone know who makes this hose? the hooka im making is a 2 hose hookah so i would like to order another that matches.   THANKS FELLOW HOOKAH FRIENDS!
  10. QUOTE (modisess @ Jan 21 2009, 11:59 AM) cant find the rooster bowl but http://www.hookahcompany.com/skull_hookah_bowl_3217_prd1.htm damn good find
  11. a few days ago i ran across a hookah bowl/head that looked like a rooster for 2.99 on some website. well just as i was about to save the site so i could buy it later my computer crashed and i cant seem to find it again. if any of you know where i can find that bowl let me know.... along with any other neat bowls thanks Roo
  12. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jul 8 2008, 06:56 PM) AF plum AF mint nakhla melon AW guava layalina apricot only 5? guava?!?! mmm i love guava drinks.. i need to try that.. see if i can get my local hookah shop to order it whoa this thread really went alive since i posted... befor i posted no one posted since 07... that was a good bump...
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