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  1. guys, you didn't understand me, im not about to get it from the site that i showed you. Im telling you that i saw this nargila same thing in a store. For 80 dollars, i might get a better deal but 80 bucks in a store.   Now My question is do u think that it will be stainless in the store as well? i mean would it have a good falvour and a lot of smoke . and also will it be able to last for long time and still have good flavoure?   thanks alot by the way
  2. [url="http://www.marijuanaalternatives.com/celestial.htm"]http://www.marijuanaalternatives.com/celestial.htm[/url] okay, ive seen the same hookah, same hose jus diff head. the same size hookah.. for 80 bucks. now it says that its stainless and i guess they cant lie about that. So if its the same hookah same vase and same hose i soppose that the store has the same thing.  btw 80 CND.. so whacha think.. its stainless good qulity hookah.. jus a lil smaller shud i get it or not?
  3. apple vs. double apple

    מישהו פה מדבר עברית?
  4. Could any one tell me what kind of liquids i could put in my base instead of the water? like coke or milk or something that would go good with mint flavour tobbaco
  5. Israel

    this is aykay at a friends house: well some people in usa just use a pot to light up a coal, or lots of different ways of lighting up coal
  6. Bad Taste

    yeah i have the same question too.. someone ? ..