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  1. QUOTE (HOOKAH2810 @ Jun 25 2008, 01:01 PM) i found al fakher in 250g tubs at my local tobacco store. they only carry a couple of flavors but i was wonderig if i should grab them being ten bucks. what do you guys think? they had: banana grape apple cherry orange mint any of these worth picking up? go for it man. Most of the time that i've seen AF for $10 was when they were expired. Look to see, but dont be too concernced just add a drop of honey to it when you get back home, mix it up, and let it sit for a few. Honey helps extract all the flavors.
  2. I think you should try Pharaoh. Might be a little pricey at your smoke shop but if you seriously want a no hassle self start charcoal..try them. Their in a gold wrapper and I usually use 2 then break them in half before I light them.
  3. My 2 favorite mixes in the last couple days have been.. Grape Banana Mint and (Starbuzz tobacco) Fuzzy Naval Mijito Grape if anyone tries them let me know how it was