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  1. Longest Session

    the longest i have smoked was  7 heads of double apple nakhla.
  2. Hookah Food

    [quote name='al-bab']Malawach (Yeminite bread)  [/quote] havent had that in ages =[
  3. Shipping to Canada

    i agree, i also think that it will get to you asap. cold493 where u from in canada?
  4. Heavy smoke...

    personally, i have never touched anything but nakhla so i am pretty much used to it.
  5. Heavy smoke...

    you could either try to make smaller holes or when ever you feel it becomes to heavy for you to take a puff, try blowing inside the whose ( not strongly ) that clears out the smoke from the base
  6. I am running out of the tobbaco i brought from israel, and since the prices are so high here like $13-15 per 50g. i would wanna order online and i was wondering if you guys have an idea what would the shipping cost be from usa to toronto
  7. Canada + tobacco

    philly28blunt, hey i also live in richmond hill and i have 3 hookahs at my house, here is my email: arikk_k@hotmail.com if you want to ask me any questions or if i have any.
  8. Canada + tobacco

    jmexx where u from in canada? and how much do you get tobbaco for?
  9. Canada + tobacco

    philly28blunt   where u from in toronto ?
  10. Canada + tobacco

    ya he is right, i live in toronot and a box of 50gr costs $15, luckly i braught 1.5kg of tobbaco from israel but now i only have 500g left so soon ill have to buy my own tobbaco 
  11. thank guys, well i got the mint since i already smoked 1kg of double apple. i didnt find the mint harsh i actually found it pretty cool, it has nice cold minty taste in your throat. if you guys wanna stop getting head rushes you gotta start smoking more 
  12. I was wondering what other stuff i could add in  the vase instead of water that improves the watter or smoke.
  13. Israel

    the way i make a head is.. i put nakhla tobbaco.. not to much not to little.. 2 layers of tin foil, make holes with a needle, light up the coal ( 3kings ) put it on my head and smoke it up... i wish i had STAR Coal 
  14. Israel

    rosh, head ze bediuk oto davar. im ata yahol likro et ze... ani lo amerikai