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  1. Lukasa

    Midwest Meetup

    edit: hell yes, guess hookah is fly as hell. Chicagoan and Hookahforum OG checking in. I vote chicago because its the only city in the midwest not chalk-full of bumpkins.
  2. Lukasa

    Things Not To Do At Walmart

    What about that one where you take stuff without paying for it, thats always worth a larf or two.
  3. Lukasa


    So touched. Can't think of witty comment.
  4. Lukasa

    El Is Going To Be Missing

    Whats happenin' big guy? Regardless of what it is thats the matter, take care, hope to see you around.
  5. Lukasa


    If you don't want to drop tons of dough per cigar, pick up some Tierra Del Sols, they are freaking fantastic. They are among my favorites, despite my having smoked many many far more expensive smokes.
  6. Lukasa

    What Is X On The Beach?

    did somebody delete my post?
  7. Lukasa


    Humidity in your garage will probably be a lot different than the humidity in your house... but if you measured the humidity levels and theyre the same, go ahead and acclimate it in your house. you could acclimate it in china as long as the humidity level is the same.
  8. I need a new hose, thats a given... I need to restock on shisha, so i ask you guys, what should I get? I'm probably going to be getting brands ASIDE from Layalina and Nakhla, since the place 2 blocks from me sells both of those, i'm travelling farther to get different brands (al amir, AF, havana, etc)
  9. Lukasa

    any world of warcraft players???

    QUOTE (danbopes @ Dec 15 2006, 01:00 AM) QUOTE (Lukasa @ Dec 14 2006, 07:52 PM) Damn . Nice avatar I love the FF series. Played almost every one. Oh, i didnt realize that it was FF. I thought it was just some general fruity anime avatar. Anime is fruity.
  10. Lukasa


    Yeah. Acclimate it where you intend to smoke it. -Thread closed.
  11. if you can dig your fingernail into the stem, then its probably lead. If not, probably not. If you're unsatisfied see if it will yield to a car key. Lead is VERY VERY soft. and very very heavy. I cannot fathom that any company would make it with lead... some hookahs use lead-silver solder in their manufacture, but thats a much different story... i think.... Anyways, if you are smoking with a lead stem, thats bad news. Get a new hookah, anyways, you'll feel better about it.
  12. Those are cool. But i myself find BIG FAT slow rings that take forwever to dissipate much cooler. The best rings i've seen on this board are Erica's.
  13. Strawberry. Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry. It is the most un-nakhla flavor i've ever had. Very juicy, very tasty, very thick smoke. It is my fav nakhla flavor, although other notable flavors are double apple, mandarin, and lemon.
  14. QUOTE (Nicholae @ Dec 15 2006, 01:43 AM) Dont let the foil touch the Shisha. This allows a longer lasting bowl and less chance of burning it. You are wrong. I used to think the same thing. for most brands you can get a better smoke with good foil contact.
  15. QUOTE (Sariél @ Dec 15 2006, 06:40 AM) Marlett? Isn't that a large breed of weasel? I heard that Starbuzz Weasel is pretty much the same flavor as Al Fakher muskrat... Also seconding (thirding) the just smoke it suggestion. Go into the smoke with no expectations, see how that goes.