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  1. I'm a big fan of Nakhla, I'm switching to Zaghloul, but their cherry doesn't stack up. I prefir pharaoh's cherry. not a bad flavor, similar to lifesavers.
  2. So first off I'd like to know how many of you out there smoke zaghloul regularly. and what is the best way to get the most out of it. I just think that switching to zaghloul will make me more hard-core.

    Your Favorite?

    Switch to Zaghloul!
  4. let me plug my favorite hookah accessory "The Burner" by Alec Bradley. http://www.whatsknottolove.com/accessories.php/315 This thing is like a miniture portable colman stove. I use it in my lounge & I can light natural charcoals in under a minute. I sell them at half the price of the website & they are a hot seller. at my shop they retail for $28 US but however much you spend these things are commercial quality & are guaranteed by me to be the only hookah lighter you will ever need. They are currently marketed as "The ultimate Table-top cigar lighter." but are basically a flop. if only Alec Bradley smoked a hookah he would realize the full potental of his beautiful gizmo.


    Allot of people quit smoking cigarettes by switching to another tobacco product, my father switched from cigarettes to cigars & I switched from cigarettes to a pipe. I want to switch to hookah exclusively but I love my briar. Cigarettes are the worst you can feel the difference in your lungs when you smoke them.

    Do Rotators Work Well In Lounges?

    I think I'm going to go with the Mya Diva actually. I don't like my QT & I think my rotators are kind of junky. Thanks for all the help. My mother actually told me that the Divas were the best & if mushrat uses QTs; then that calms my fears

    Iowa Ia Smokers

    Dubuque, IA

    Whats Cleaner?

    I wish my hookahs were as clean as my apartment is. My hookahs definately need to be soaked and scrubbed!

    Do Rotators Work Well In Lounges?

    I'm just worried about fires.
  10. [attachment=1892:hookah_012__2_.jpg] What do you think? Mya Divas are the most stable but too small for a hookah lounge. I'm leaning towards rotators.

    My New Lounge!

    QUOTE (Scoop @ Jul 30 2008, 04:29 PM) indoors pics! Coming soon I assure you... The landlord is renovating. I do have the keys though.
  12. attachment=1887:hookah_021.jpg] Here are some picture of my new hookah lounge & tobacco emporium! [attachment=1886:hookah_020.jpg] [attachment=1888:hookah_019.jpg] [attachment=1889:hookah_021__2_.jpg] [attachment=1890:hookah_022.jpg] [attachment=1891:hookah_018.jpg][
  13. I called the toll-free & they denied it. Maybe later I'll call HQ.
  14. I guess if I don't have anything nice to share I shouldn't share it; but I can't hold my toung very well, so the story goes as thus: I was sitting in the park smoking my hookah, waiting for a colleague of mine to arrive so that we could work on advertisements for hookah night & the lounge. I knew something was up because the park was just packed with familys doing family things. (I felt a little out of place.) Then the cops show up & I knew that they had recieved a complaint (It's amazing how ignorant some people can be.) So I talked to the officer & explained to him that I'm a businessman trying to advertise tobacco products. I gave him one of the flyers I had been working on & told him about the time the chief of police asked for hookah photos for my tobacco licence. I even offered to leave the park & he said that I could stay if I put my hookah away, so I did. He said that advertising tobacco products in a park is a bad Idea & I told him I hadn't looked at it that way before & that I can be a little nieve at times (Which I can be.) So I guess now I can't smoke my hookah in the park! What will I do for the fourth of July?

    New Tobacco Brand Name

    Call it "Nana Sahib" ... The Nana Sahib was the man who lived in the cave at the base of the Hymilaia mountains in afgahanistan; He knew the answer to all questions. The first Nana Sahib was the cause of the Indian Revolution from The United Kingdom; The last caused some war I can't mention here.