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  1. Mini Phunnel Talk

    Hey guys, I haven't been on in about 8 months...got married and life has been crazy. I still only use my mini phunnel (with a backup mini just in case)....great to see the Oatmeal Cult is still being repped!
  2. QUOTE (arcane @ Mar 21 2009, 11:37 PM) I'd like to find a chocolate mint flavored shisha that is pretty similar to an Andes mint. I've read on the reviews that Nakhla is pretty spot on, however I was wondering if there was a washed shisha or mix that was similar in flavor. Any suggestions? Mix AF Chocolate with AF Mint...just finished smoking it....pretty good
  3. Metallic Taste - Help?

    put a paper towel over the end of the hose you inhale on....inhale through the paper towel....look at the paper towel You will be able to see the rust if it is there
  4. As IV said the are handmade, I have 2 miniphunnels...1 is definitely a little bit larger than the other but we're talking a gram or 2 of shisha here....not that big of a deal
  5. Favorite Al Fakher Flavors

    QUOTE (4d1ct3d @ Feb 19 2009, 01:19 PM) Just to say that I just tryed AF strawberry and it is great! Definitly worth trying Is it real strawberry, or candy strawberry?
  6. Mini Phunnel Talk

    Hooray my miniphunnels arrived....I really enjoy the note on the side of my package (made me feel like it was christmas) "To Duckhater, w/love I.V." LOL!
  7. Mini Phunnel Talk

    QUOTE (indian_villager @ Feb 25 2009, 11:15 AM) Wave 2 is not as large as I hoped it would be....Its been a hectic week. But here are all the people that should be going nuts with excitement. Wave 2 GNR Dead_Lemons. Boxerbabe84 Magical Hookah Kvtaco17 cr15p3rz MrMoodz Untitled Smokeytheclown Wpw36 Likespaceships Webbles Cerberus SimplexCoda Duckhater I squeezed in there, alright!
  8. Mini Phunnel Talk

    QUOTE (erufiku @ Feb 18 2009, 09:40 PM) Mad props IV, we should all chip in for a monument for you or something I think he should receive the MEGA PHUNNEL which holds 250g of shisha, requires 10 coals, and of course 24 hours of time to smoke
  9. Mini Phunnel Talk

    QUOTE (indian_villager @ Feb 18 2009, 01:51 PM) Sorry mechie I think you are part of the next wave. Dont hold me to it though. Hooray for patience, I hope I make 2nd wave though, I think I should....I dunno
  10. Favorite Al Fakher Flavors

    if only there was a way to sticky, so this could stay up to date with alot of votes...I already know that this is affecting my next order
  11. Favorite Al Fakher Flavors

    QUOTE (AKammenzind @ Feb 15 2009, 06:02 PM) My vote for Grape and Melon because they just kick ass, and Golden Bahraini Apple for being the best damn anisey apple out there... very silky and sweet. nice
  12. Common Places To Order From

    MNHookah.com nazarhookah.com hookahcompany.com in that order
  13. Torrents

    I need a blackcats, anyone?
  14. Floral Shisha.

    AF Rose and Jasmine are both quite nice, AF Jasmine mixes very very well with AF Mint...think Mint Tea
  15. Favorite Al Fakher Flavors

    QUOTE (K1024 @ Feb 13 2009, 09:25 PM) so maybe we could have a review section and then a general poll section...although i did vote here and i still cant see the results...i think its because ive never smoked golden so i didnt vote there.. yeah i dunno how it works exactly....