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  1. freezerburn456

    How Do You Fund You Hookah

    Work at a hookah bar making all the hookahs. Kind of spoiled me with all the free tobacco I can smoke...
  2. Where I work we usually accumulate a good ammount of tobacco on the counter during the night. I amusually able to make 4 or 5 bowls to smoke or take home. 85% of the time they taste pretty good. It all depends on what you have been making for the day.
  3. freezerburn456

    2 New Starbuzz Flavors

    Way to be asses to the new member guys. My lounge is nearly exclusively Starbuzz, and we are getting them soon. Code 69 is one of the best starbuss flavors to come out in years in terms of mixing. We have 3+ new mixes featuring Code 69, and in my opinion they are better than anything we have had in a long time. Just because something isn't Nakhla or Tangiers or Al Fakher doesn't make it crap. Starbuzz caters to the newer crowd, and they do a damn fine job of it. They are able to make ass-loads of money selling a product that is constantly bashed on here. Who cares if the flavor burns after 45 minutes...load a new bowl. Those first 45 minutes are some of the best tasting ones ever. It really disgusts me when people judge these new products before they even hit the market. So what if it has a goofy name, in my opinion thats better than having a bland name. What would 95% of consumers rather buy: Apple Flavor or Exotic Code 69? Naming has a ton to do with the success of a product. /end rant PS Starbuzz Pink smelly like ass, but tastes amazing.
  4. freezerburn456

    Largest Hookah Store In Jerusalem

    I actually gave my friend, who is going to Israel, $200 to buy tobacco from Goa last week. Last time he went he sent me back some of their lemon mint. Best stuff ever. Im just hoping that customs doesnt snatch my package here in the next month.
  5. freezerburn456

    Flavoring Question

    Me and one of the other guys that work in our bar make shisha. I am going to strongly recomend against using the syrup idea. The shelf life on the tobacco drops dramatically if you use flavorings that you have made. I think it has to do with the tobacco rotting/fermenting. We have been sticking to flavorings from baking specialty stores lately. They give a good life on the shisha and can give incredible ammounts of flavor.
  6. freezerburn456

    Are You In A Frat

    Chi Psi-Xi Delta Texas Tech I used to think that all frat guys were fags, but then I chilled with them and realized that only a few actually are. Its just that the ones that are ass holes are noticed by the general population WAY more than the ones that are cool.
  7. freezerburn456

    Dfw Get-together Thurs 6/11

    I will try and make it. I have class untill 10:00 that night. Do you think that there will be anything still going on by the time I could get over there from Richardson?
  8. freezerburn456

    Al Fakher Hookah On Ebay

    This is my personal experience with hookahs that look exactly like that one. We have nearly 1000 cheap chinese hookahs sitting in a warehouse that have components that are extremely similar to those. The plastic globes crack, on their own after <100 smokes. The down stems screw into the stem, but the part of the down stem that screws into the stem is crap and comes off the down stem and cant be reconnected. most of them are a common chamber made to look like it has tubes. All of the finishes will come off in under a year. My lounge switched over from high quality Syrians (lasted 4 years of 3-6 times a night useage) to crappy chinese hookahs about a year ago. We have since gone through 3 entire sets of hookahs due to the cheap ones always breaking. That is just my opinion. If your heart is set on it then go for it. But the price is a fucking rip off. I dont even want to tell you what we pay for similar models.
  9. freezerburn456

    Af Mint Vs Miso Mint

    AF mint if i have to choose between the 2. If I could get my choice I would always smoke Al Ajamay mint. Strongest mint that I have found to buy.
  10. I think that the reason that the DA flavors all have a strong anise taste is because of smoking out of a fruit bowl. If you take a red apple, and smoke any other kink of tobacco through it you will always get a hint of the DA taste. Just my .02
  11. At some party... At some other party At work. Before all of my hair got chopped off...
  12. freezerburn456

    Does Anyone Own The 7 Foot Tall Sultan

    Our lounge sold one a while ago. They smoke decently, but the smoke does start to degrade because of the long pipe. They are also very prone to breaking. The metal on the stem has a weird tendency to split apart from very little stress. You have to use a small ladder to load the bowl and change the coals. All together, they are a pain in the ass. We had to repair the thing only a few days after the guy bought it because it tipped against the wall and bent the pipe and tore out a hose port.
  13. freezerburn456

    Pics Of The Lantern Hookah

    My lounge just got in a HUGE shipment of stems with the same markings as yours. Ours have the same release valve, tray and lantern. The only real difference that I can see is the hose port. Is yours light as hell?
  14. freezerburn456

    So I Did Some Math....

    Very nice! That inspired me to calculate my bowl count. During the time that I worked from March to August I figure I have made just under 10,000 bowls. Working 3 nights and days a week X 6 months X ~150 Bowls a day = 10,800 There were some busier days and some slower days, but I'm pretty sure that it was around 150 bowls a night on regular nights. Thats not even with the premade heads that the waitresses make at the beginning of the night (65-75 bowls)
  15. freezerburn456

    Where To Buy Shisha In Dallas

    Pretty standard. I think its whatever you would pay on most websites. And if yall want a good deal, jasmines has 8.99 single flavor starbuzz hookahs now. So come in and visit me. I will either be making the hookahs or waiting on tables. Mention hookah forum