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  1. anyone see the futurama episode where Bender abuses electricity through a hookah
  2. hey i think there was a recent forum on something like this, but does anyone have any ideas on securing a hookah in a car....fitting it into the drink holder, or straping it to a seat....Thanks
  3. i posted room temp......but i prefer an air tight jar as another option
  4. yeah can you explailn why you microwaved the shisha??? it should be good when its nice and moist. cant seem to find and canada online stores......what kind did u buy in washington? if you were supprised with those "low prices" you can buy 250g boxes for less, but it depends what kind u had...
  5. thats a nice packed fuit bowl......which store in nyc did u get the hookah?
  6. mini hookahs can produce some good smoke even though it is not filtered well etc......but 4 inches, i cant see it working very well at all
  7. A butane torch will work well, also when if the charcoal is starting to get lit put it infront of any fan, and the flame will spread throughout the charcoal. Or if you live somewhere cold and are having an fire, throw it in for alittle.....or if its warm....BBQ
  8. Alright.....i bought a new hookah in new york city the other day and asked if i could test it out...He said sure and got it all ready. while we were smoking it, he was going on with these stories about things he does to his sisha that makes it taste better. Two of the things that really stuck out to me were, he said he sticks lettice in his bowl with the shisha, or drips lime on the shisha. I never really thought about it when he said it, so i didnt ask him about it. Has anyone ever yeard of this??
  9. i say just keep it at room temp and if you want also get an air tight jar to put your open shisha in
  10. yeah it if i ever nakhala i mix 2 flavors rather then just one. I hear some mixes liek vanila and cherry are pretty good, so yo wouldnt have to buy to new ones. but if you wnat one to smoke alone id say go with orange, its pretty good, mango is alright too but you can get sick of it
  11. im going with Ramman, i think it has good taste, smoke and lasts ridiculously long
  12. i would say nakhala too. it obviously doesnt have as much quaility as al amir etc.. but it gives a nice buzz
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