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  1. Smiles&Frowns

    Fs: Km Pharonie Stem & Km Hose

    http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u91/Nako818/photobucket-1974-1320975510814.jpg http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u91/Nako818/photobucket-2028-1320975462589.jpg http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u91/Nako818/photobucket-504-1320975346610.jpg Let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns, thank you (I couldnt attach pics for some reason)
  2. Smiles&Frowns

    Fs: Km Pharonie Stem & Km Hose

    Hello guys, up for sale is my lightly used pharonie stem and brand new KM rainbow hose The stem is $65 shipped, the hose is $15 shipped. (U.S. only) Now a little info, the stem is fantastic and I hate to see it go, but I have no need for more than 1 hookah. Also this was from around 08, so it is an original Pharonie. The hose is just extra and I use washables only nowadays. All payment will be thru MF. First PM gets it, thanks
  3. Smiles&Frowns

    Wtb: Bohemian Vase

    Thanks for the tips guys
  4. Smiles&Frowns

    Wtb: Bohemian Vase

    [quote name='boludo' timestamp='1320684643' post='530578'] how much are you willing to pay? [/quote] Depends really.
  5. Smiles&Frowns

    Wtb: Bohemian Vase

    Ive been checkin ebay and all too. thanks guys. sure would be nice to find one on the forhms so feel free to PM me guys
  6. Smiles&Frowns

    Wtb: Bohemian Vase

    thanks guys. any other suggestions?
  7. Smiles&Frowns

    Wtb: Bohemian Vase

    Hey guys Im looking to buy a large boho vase as a bday gift for myself. Im looking for a 12" bell shaped. As far as color, nothing specific, let me know what u have. Thanks guys.
  8. Smiles&Frowns

    Km On The Rocks And Fuzzy Green Hose Fs

    where in CA are you located...? pickup? how many times was the stem used?
  9. Smiles&Frowns

    : /

    sigh....i guess ill just experiment with the coals...everything is airtight
  10. Smiles&Frowns

    Refridgerate Tobacco?

    If you refrigerate it, it will dry out the flavor, maybe put it in a nice shadey area? make sure itz in an airtight container, and somewhere other than the fridge.
  11. Smiles&Frowns

    : /

    thanks for the help
  12. Smiles&Frowns

    : /

    I do fluff the flavor, I put in enough water as well, my hose is a standard 72" with the wooden handles, the stem is about 1.5 in the water, I use ice and regarding coals, I use an Exotica split into two chunks which I move around... here are some of the pics, the vase itself is 9.5inches, the opening is about 2 inches at the neck...
  13. Smiles&Frowns

    : /

    For some reason my hookah doesnt seem to be hitting well, I have oe of those "frost" vase ones, they come in like ruby, amber, black, etc, it has these etchings in it/frosted glass, I can't seem to get a pic of it, anyways, I'm using double foil and Exoticas, I tried to get the water level to its "sweet spot", itz good, but I can't seem to get flavor and smoke, (Im using Tonic 'Miami Vice Cocktail) and its being smoked out of a regualr ceramic bowl, I want some nice thick smoke...can't seem to get it, I'm not a beginner either, itz been about 2 years. Any suggestions? thankz everybody, oh I like the forums, great stuff on here.
  14. Smiles&Frowns

    Hey Everyone

    I saw a previosu thread...seems nobody actually tried it yet...'The Skull' hookah? Most people flamed it, but has anyone actually tried it? Im curious to how it hits....thanks.