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  1. esheg4ever23

    First Guitar :)

    My first one was an ESP LTD EC50. Cherry Red, Les Paul Body.
  2. esheg4ever23

    Need An Opinion On My Next Car

    QUOTE (willbb123 @ Jul 18 2008, 07:34 PM) i think the two door looks awesome. do you normally drive people around? If you do it might be worth the 2 extra doors Not much, usually just one or sometimes two friends, rarely three.
  3. esheg4ever23

    Need An Opinion On My Next Car

    Ninja has spoken. Yeah at first my decision of the 2dr over the 4dr was like 95:5, now its like 20:80. I think the 2dr looks kind of typical, like alot of Japanese coupes out there. Plus insurance is cheaper on the 4dr.
  4. esheg4ever23

    Need An Opinion On My Next Car

    Alright so as some of you know I'm getting a GTi for my birthday in September, and I can't decide between the 2 door and the 4 door. Performance wise they're the same, the 4 door isn't any bigger or heavier, it's just a matter of looks. At first I wanted a 2 door but then I started getting into the 4 door. Here are some pics, let me know what you guys think. 4 Door: 2 Door:
  5. QUOTE (Codename067 @ Jul 18 2008, 06:42 PM) Buy a Phunnel Bowl Next Hookah should be a KM Buy CocoNara or Exotica coals Smoke AF, Layalina, and Tangier Make every smoking experience as great as possible. Never pass the hose with the tip pointed at that person. Smoke up! This is pretty much a typical Hookahforum member's routine, lol. After a couple weeks of joining you buy a phunnel, another few weeks later, better coals, tobacco, etc. Another few weeks, the Khalil Mamoun comes in
  6. esheg4ever23

    Most Bowls Back To Back

    The past 3 years has been one long session, so technically I've had hundreds maybe a thousand bowls back to back.
  7. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jul 18 2008, 02:01 PM) AF nakhla AW oh and remember starbuzz is expensive! sig it. Fixed. If it were $12 a can Starbuzz would be one of the best, the price just "sucks ass." Never heard any complaints with the Starbuzz tobacco itself. Common sense.
  8. Waiting for a bunch of non-hookah shit I got off the internet, vacation to Vegas, for September so I can get my GTi.
  9. esheg4ever23

    Most Bowls Back To Back

    6 billion and a half.
  10. esheg4ever23

    Help Me Choose

    I'm voting for a car only because I could never have enough cars.
  11. esheg4ever23

    Jack Daniels, Jagermeister Hookahs!

    So you take alcohol bottles, drink them up, and resell the empty bottle? Can someone clarify what this actually is?
  12. esheg4ever23

    Hi Guys!

    How is it possible you have 0 posts? Anyway, welcome to HF. You won't be disappointed with the HoboHookah, I've heard some good things about it.
  13. esheg4ever23

    Chat Spammers!

    QUOTE (Canon @ Jul 18 2008, 02:24 AM) i thought i was going crazy, i read it 4 times from top to bottom... i didnt get it. i thought JD lost it Same I thought I was trippin on something.
  14. esheg4ever23

    Socal Meet?

    QUOTE (hookah hippie @ Jun 28 2008, 12:48 PM) well I am in Northridge at the 818 always down to smoke Same. What are your cross streets bro?
  15. esheg4ever23


    Lucid Cocoa Appearance: Standard Tangiers cut, dark and very juicy. Smell: Smells like Hershey's cocoa powder, and brownies. I was ready to eat the tobacco. Setup: MYA Mini Acrylic, Small Phunnel Bowl, 1 Exotica stick, MYA Hose. Smoke: Decent clouds Taste: Tasted pretty much like cocoa, very true to the taste. Duration: Almost 2 hours. Buzz: Couldn't move after the first few hits, my entire body was literally numb Overall: 9/10